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16 July, 2019


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31. Cyprus helps fight Israel fires

Two planes are set to depart for Israel on Friday to join fire fighters who are battling numerous raging fires in a declared emergency...

32. Filipina who escaped Orestis speaks out

New information emerged about the alleged serial killer, with another woman from the Philippines coming forward with shocking details of how she escaped alleged serial killer Nikos Metaxas days before the first body discovery...

33. US Congressmen introduce bill that lifts arms embargo on Cyprus

34. Cops tie up loose ends in Orestis case

Police feel more certain they can locate Maricar’s body in the red lake, after alleged serial killer Nikos Metaxas identified the cement block that was pulled out of the water...

35. Israeli divers to join red lake search

Israeli experts and divers are expected to join the search efforts for two slain victims in the serial killer case, as prosecutors prepare to file their case in court...

36. Lakkotrypis: Cyprus energy developments an incentive for Turkey

37. Diplomats unimpressed by Turkish East Med briefing

38. WhatsApp urges users to upgrade app after security breach

39. Turkey to send second drillship

40. A test for Turkey

41. Erdogan against the US, Europe, Israel and Egypt

42. Ready for prime time?

43. Senator Menendez and the Greek Americans

44. Menendez: Turkey has ‘no chance’ of getting both F-35s and S-400‘no-chance-of-getting-both-f-35s-and-s-400

45. East Med Gas Forum to turn into an international organisation

46. Opposition flaws are democracy’s problem

47. 'Whole new day' for Cyprus' relationship with US, says senator

48. Changes and romantic conceit

With the United States under Trump’s protectionism, moves on the geostrategic playing field seem to be altering the landscape considerably...

49. Caution and prudence

50. New prospects for East Med

The “Eastern Mediterranean Security and Energy Partnership Act” submitted to the US Congress by Senators Robert Menendez and Marco Rubio that essentially upgrades the geopolitical roles of Greece and Cyprus is seen in Athens as a reflection of Washington’s renewed interest and growing involvement in the region. ...

51. Cyprus mulls ratification of Lebanon EEZ delineation agreement

52. US Senator Menendez to visit Cyprus next week

53. The Israeli elections and Greece

54. Netanyahu secures election victory

55. US senators introduce legislation to reshape East Med strategy

56. Working with Israel and Jewish Americans

57. Crete’s power supply remains vulnerable without EuroAsia Interconnector

58. Cyprus wants more German tourists

59. US Senator Menendez: Closer to lifting Cyprus arms embargo

60. Westward Bound