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61. Greek Foreign Ministry: Russia undermines Prespes peace deal

62. Unknown Russian woman still in jail

A Russian woman is being detained in Cyprus on an international arrest warrant issued by Russian authorities, while no details have been released about her identity...

63. Bloomberg: Russians are downsizing in Cyprus

64. Failure to rise to the occasion

There has always been a shortage of inspired and bold leaders in this place we call home. Putting aside a few odd flares here and there, those who led the country failed to rise to the occasion by being self-absorbed politicians with opportunism embedded in their DNA...

65. Hackers leak German Politicians' personal data

66. US Senator: Turkey must choose between US F-35 jets and Russian S-400

67. North cries foul over Israelis denied entry

A recent denial of entry to Israeli nationals at Larnaca airport has caused uproar in the north, with Turkish Cypriot officials accusing the Republic of Cyprus of blocking travelers without basis...

68. China lands on the far side of the moon

A Chinese space probe successfully touched down on the far side of the moon on Thursday, state media said, hailing it as an historic first landing there on a mission seen as an important step for China’s space program...

69. Baby found alive after 35 hours following Russia blast

70. How Trump's phone call to Erdogan changed the Syrian war

71. Wess Mitchell sends clear message to Turkey over Cyprus

72. Key points in US Defense Secretary's resignation letter

73. Commitment to EastMed pipeline reaffirmed

74. The end of history

How can we expect an average citizen making €1000 each month to get involved in the Cyprus problem as they sit comfortably with their multiple pensions but have no guts to speak their mind...

75. US retreats from Syria as Trump rebuffs top advisers

76. Greece to extradite Mr Bitcoin to France

The Greek Supreme Court has ruled that the extradition of Russian national Alexander Vinnik, also known as Mr. Bitcoin, to France can move forward...

77. NYT: Chinese hackers infiltrated Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs systems

78. Israeli fighter jets pierce Cyprus skies

A joint Cypriot-Israeli military exercise is taking place over Cyprus this week, with several types of fighter jets flying at low altitudes...

79. 'US has adopted a fresh significant approach towards Cyprus'

80. Larnaca cops raid suspected brothel

A woman was arrested in Larnaca over the weekend on prostitution-related charges, while another female suspect is still wanted by authorities...

81. The deepening US-Greece strategic relationship

82. Russian deposits down by 5 billion

83. Energy talks on cards in Tsipras visit to Moscow

84. Moscow attempts to sway Cypriot foreign policy

85. Another prostitution ring busted in Limassol

Police arrested multiple suspects during a Limassol prostitution sting on Wednesday, while four other women were believed to be victims of sex trafficking...

86. Russian government voices veiled threat against Cyprus

87. Tourist drives into Peyia harbour

A driver from Russia appears to have lost her sense of direction on Tuesday when she ended up with her car in the water at Agios Georgios harbour in Peyia, Paphos...

88. US official says in interview FYROM could join NATO by 2020

The United States expects the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) to join NATO in mid-2020 by which time its name change deal with Greece should be fully implemented despite Russian efforts to undermine it, the top US official for the Western Balkans said on Tuesday....

89. Qatar to withdraw from OPEC

90. Ukraine bans Russian men aged 16 to 60 from entering the country