21 January, 2019


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61. Turkey searches Saudi consulate again, as world condemns Saudi Arabia

62. Cobalt expresses regret as airline ceases operations

Travelers who were scheduled to fly back on Cypriot carrier Cobalt Air will have to get their own one-way return tickets, following a company decision to ground all its flights...

63. Cyprus will fall back to winter time normally

Daylight Saving Time will end normally on October 28 despite some EU states trying to opt out and people debating online whether they like to fall back or spring forward...

64. Tony Blair advises Labour Party to vote down May's Brexit deal

65. Taxation in a Digital Economy

66. At least 40 Tory MPs willing to vote down Brexit deal

67. Nobel Prize in Economics awarded to Nordhaus and Romer

68. IMF: The Cypriot economy continues its rapid recovery from the 2012–13 financial crisis–13-financial-crisis

69. Bank share plunge fuels fears about Greece's vulnerability

70. Banks have their recovery work cut out

The bank stock slump has gone on for too long and valuations are now exceptionally low, say senior credit sector officials in Athens. However, analysts questioned on the issue by Kathimerini say the problems that Greek lenders are facing will not be overcome quickly, justifying the pounding the sector has sustained on the Athens stock exchange....

71.  Anastasiades at Diaspora dinner: No guarantees needed

72. Greek finance ministry lifts capital controls on cash withdrawals

Greece’s Finance Ministry announced on Thursday it is lifting all capital controls on cash withdrawals and the movement of capital within the country....

73. Reality in the face of wicked politics

74. Fitch Ratings upgrades Bank of Cyprus

75. Greek Cypriots spill into the north for bargains

More Greek Cypriots are crossing into the northern part of Cyprus in search of great bargains due to the weak Turkish lira, with estimates close to a million visits in the first eight months...

76. Anastasiades: Investment fund registrations up 18%

77. Bank of Cyprus CEO makes the case for Cyprus recovery

78. Greek banks to chase borrowers who refused to open their accounts

Banks have firmly focused their attention on debtors who have resorted to the provisions of the so-called Katseli law – named after former economy minister Louka Katseli – for protection now that their bank account secrecy has been lifted....

79. North Korea's Kim agrees to permanently abolish key missile facilities

80. More Turkish Cypriots seek higher wages in the south

Reports in the northern part of the island show the devaluation of the Turkish lira and higher wages in the south are driving more Turkish Cypriots to seek employment in the Republic of Cyprus...

81. Cyprus issues sovereign bond, draws €1.5 billion at 2.4%€1-5-billion-at-2-4

82. Finance Minister tweets Winston Churchill

83. Deloitte: 2nd Cyprus Open Data Hackathon

84. Cyprus eyes 10-year low yield bond after S&P lifts sovereign to investment grade

85. Investors in Cyprus can reap benefits

Participants at the third Cyprus International Investors Summit in Limassol got to see a list of competitive advantages that make Cyprus stand out in starting a business on the island...

86. EU Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager visits Cyprus

87. AG disagrees with former banker’s acquittal

Attorney General Costas Clerides disapproves of the acquittal of former banker Andreas Eliades, saying cases involving the collapse of the credit and financial system are “difficult and complicated...


89. Latest inflation figures point up

Inflation is on the rise in Cyprus amid hikes in fuel prices with the annual rate reaching 2.5% last month, almost one percentage point compared to last year until August...

90. Seven thousand fewer jobless in one year

The number of registered unemployed in Cyprus decreased in August 2018 by 7,137 people or 23%, compared to August last year...