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1. Unofficial report says UNFICYP stays

2. Trump threatens Turkey with economic devastation if it attacks Kurds

3. Greek PM and German Chancellor discuss the Cyprus problem

4. Merkel expresses support for reform effort, Prespes deal

On her first visit to Athens in four years, German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday expressed her support for the Prespes name deal as well as Greece’s ongoing economic reform efforts, saying the country was entering a new phase....

5. Turkey will start drilling around Cyprus, says Cavusoglu

Turkey plans to start drilling for hydrocarbons around Cyprus, the country's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said during a briefing of a Turkish parliamentary committee on Wednesday, according to the Independent Balkan News Agency (IBNA)....

6. Erdogan refuses to meet with Bolton

7. Refugees reach Cyprus in poor weather

A total of 31 Syrian refugees managed to reach Cyprus on Tuesday early morning, despite cold weather and poor conditions at sea...

8. Greek Cypriots mark epiphany with rare vigil to ghost town fringe

9. Setting goals for the nation

10. Government expects UNFICYP mandate to be renewed

11. Turkish Cypriot conscientious objector to be jailed

12. US Senator: Turkey must choose between US F-35 jets and Russian S-400

13. Kammenos says Cavusoglu's ‘spoiled brat’ comment proof of his effectiveness‘spoiled-brat-comment-proof-of-his-effectiveness

14. US foreign policy standing on quicksand

15. Refugee boat capsizes off Cyprus, one rescued

A single survivor was picked up by an American ship on Thursday evening, while seven other refugees from Syria are thought dead after their boat capsized Thursday northeast of Cape Greco...

16. How Trump's phone call to Erdogan changed the Syrian war

17. Wess Mitchell sends clear message to Turkey over Cyprus

18. The constructive ambiguity of the Cyprus problem

19. Greece, Turkey and the unpredictable President Trump

20. Slain Briton’s parents want fair trial

The parents of murder victim George Low, who was fatally stabbed in Ayia Napa two years ago, are left with more questions than answers as another Christmas holiday goes by without any sign of a criminal trial...

21. The end of history

How can we expect an average citizen making €1000 each month to get involved in the Cyprus problem as they sit comfortably with their multiple pensions but have no guts to speak their mind...

22. Turkish army issues statement following boy’s death

The Turkish army in Cyprus says it will take measures following the tragic death of a teenager in the north, who died when he came into contact with an undetonated explosive...

23. We welcome cooperation with like-minded countries Israeli Ambassador says

24. 'US has adopted a fresh significant approach towards Cyprus'

25. US official sends clear message to Turkey over Cyprus drilling

26. Cavusoglu meets Lute

27. Pentagon warns against Turkish military action in Syria

28. Train crash in Ankara kills 9 injures 47

29. The deepening US-Greece strategic relationship

30. UN envoy likely to meet President on Sunday