21 January, 2019


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61. Food for Thought

62. Commissioner Hahn calls for end to Turkey’s EU accession talks

63. Greece to continue importing oil from Iran

Greece will continue to import oil from Iran after it was – along with seven other countries – granted a temporary exemption from the sanctions Washington re-imposed on the Islamic republic on Monday....

64. The end of political totems

65. US reimposes oil and financial sanctions against Iran

66. Hope remains for a Cyprus settlement, but actions needed, Spehar tells Economist conference

67. US Ambassador: We do not approve of military response to solve energy disputes

68. Foreign Minister invites Turkey to discuss delineation of Cyprus-Turkey EEZ

69. Flight from new Istanbul Airport lands at Ercan

A plane that took off at the recently inaugurated Istanbul Airport landed in the northern part of Cyprus, as Turkey sets aim at having the busiest hub in the region when it becomes fully operational...

70. CEO TPAO: Fatih starts drilling

Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) has begun drilling in the eastern Mediterranean with its deepwater drillship 'Fatih' (Conqueror), the company's acting CEO, President and Director Melih Han Bilgin told a Turkish parliamentary committee....

71. Turkey to drill in its own waters

72. Profound lack of rationale

The government spokesperson responded to AKEL saying discussion over possible decentralization in no way did it change the president's aim of federation, but the introductory paragraph was filled with irony...

73. Weak Greek economy threatened by world unrest

74. Turkey ups ante in Eastern Med over oil and gas

75. Turkey says Russian S-400 system installation to begin in October 2019

76. Turkey hires Schlumberger for offshore drilling support

77. Erdogan says journalist murder planned in Saudi Arabia

78. Traitor president who holds all the aces

No president of the Republic of Cyprus will ever negotiate a two-state solution as that would amount to being guilty of high treason...

79. US Assistant Secretary of State Wess Mitchell to visit Cyprus

80. Cyprus talks: Anastasiades to meet Akinci on October 26

81. Turkey searches Saudi consulate again, as world condemns Saudi Arabia

82. Kotzias, the search for solutions and his combative style

83. State Department to Ankara: We discourage any actions that increase tension

84. Turkish court sentences Cypriot jihadist

A Londoner of Cypriot origin and his wife have been sentenced to six years and three months in Turkey after they were convicted on terrorism charges...

85. Cyprus issue: not about virgin birth

I get the feeling that, after so many years of dialogue with the other side, we never actually had a conversation with ourselves...

86. British woman in Limassol detained over thyroid meds

A British woman living in Limassol has been detained on Thursday after police found a large quantity of unlicensed metabolic medicine during a house search...

87. Manoeuvres to avoid deadlock and to enable Turkey flexibility

88. Turkey to drill in Mediterranean in October

89. One devolved federation or two states?

90. Whatever Guterres says he will be met with a yes

Last week was reminiscent of aerial dogfights even though there are essentially no Cypriot fighter jets here. We can put this down as a snag, but there’s a bigger issue here that pales in comparison to what lies ahead...