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Alexoui arrested in police raid

Alexis Mavromichalis detained one month after his Facebook tirade on the police


Police detained Alexis ‘Alexoui’ Mavromichalis on Thursday while officers were taking down his private security cameras outside his residence, less than a month after his Facebook comment about cops got him into trouble.

Local reports said police took Alexoui down to the station but it was not immediately clear whether any charges would be filed again him.

Sources said that a friend of Alexoui was also under arrest, identifying him as “Sifis” (Josef Josef).

'Gentlemen, the moment you embarked on your mission, we the ‘underworld’ are in recess because traditional enemies have reconciled'

This comes one week following the arrest of criminal underboss Tasos Simillidis, whose residence in Limassol was raided by special police.

Simillidis, who is believed to have been implicated in a previous murder attempt against Alexoui, reportedly had €35,000 cash in his home but couldn't explain to cops whether he earned that money legally.

Both arrests were similar in that both homes had security and the systems were beefed up by surveillance cameras. It is not clear whether police are interested in seeing any recorded footage or whether they believe the specific camera setups may be in violation of city ordinances.

But unconfirmed reports in local media said Alexoui's arrest had some connection with the cameras.

Alexoui's Facebook comments

Last month, Alexoui was called down to the station after he posted on Facebook a critical comment against the police.

“They started raiding the homes of our mothers and mothers-in-law and relatives, then they took away our security guards from our homes because they don’t have permits, then we brought licenced guards and the following day they took away those permits,” Alexoui wrote, adding “they forced us to remove our cameras while we are in danger.”

In 2015, Alexoui was believed to have been the target of an assassination attempt, when an anti-tank rocket was launched against his residence killing a private security guard.

At least one of the suspects was reportedly in prison for drug-related crimes.

Alexoui also wrote about police efforts to fight organised crime.

“They say they will strike against the underworld and organised crime and they go after myself and other friends of mine, I take it that they refer to us when they say underworld,” he said.

“Gentlemen, the moment you embarked on your mission, we the ‘underworld’ of organised crime are in recess because traditional enemies among us have reconciled,” Alexoui wrote.

“The only ones we bothered accidently a few days before you went out on a crusade were some big shot loan sharking drug dealers who broadcast their friendship and close ties with police officers,” Alexoui said.

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