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Apostolos Kouroupakis Apostolos Kouroupakis

The conclusion of Aydin Dikmen's artifact saga

The case involving Aydin Dikmen, the Turkish antiquities thief, reached its conclusion on Tuesday, June 6th, as the Munich ...
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Europe's right-wing surge

The votes are still being counted, but the European Parliament election results point to a surge of support for right-wing ...
Marina Economides Marina Economides

'The fifth phalanx'

The coming of age of my generation coincided with Cyprus' first appearance in the European Parliament in 2004. A generation ...
Onasagoras Onasagoras

Cyprus bids farewell to Jho Low, its lost ''diamond''

I must confess, upon hearing the news, I almost burst into tears.
Andreas Andreou Andreas Andreou

How inheriting property can cause headaches

Everything usually starts with pure intentions: ''We have two children, so we pass on half a share to each of them to avoid ...
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Anastasiades, Christodoulides accused of derailing talks

Time has its own meaning. The former president of DISY, Av. Neophytou, according to a report...
Yiannis Ioannou Yiannis Ioannou

Inconsistencies in Cyprus politics? Who would've guessed!

The case of Pelekanos' admission that he never agreed with the bizonal, bicommunal federation, being himself the spokesman ...
Pavlos Xanthoulis Pavlos Xanthoulis

Christodoulides offered Cyprus on a silver platter?

''You can consider Cyprus as a member-state of the EU, as your ambassador in Brussels, and I look forward to our consultations ...
George Kakouris George Kakouris

Anastasiades’ secret talks with Turkey revealed

In a paradoxical twist, Crans Montana resurfaced in the news a few days ago, with multiple sources and testimonies suggesting... ...
Apostolis Tomaras Apostolis Tomaras

'The vilification of entrepreneurship'

In recent weeks, Kathimerini (''K'') has been delving into public procurement, an area that absorbs a significant portion ...
Panayiotis Rougalas Panayiotis Rougalas

Cyprus non-performing loans drop to lowest level in years

Total non-performing loans (NPLs) to banks have dropped below €2 billion, specifically to €1.9 billion.
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A picture is worth a thousand words

A picture is worth a thousand words, a picture is a gut punch. In Paphos, a woman with a cane lies on the ground in front ...
Yiannis Ioannou Yiannis Ioannou

Murders linked to firearms surge in Limassol and Nicosia

The recent discovery of weapons in a cemetery in Oroklini serves as a stark reminder of the increasing presence of organized ...
Marina Economides Marina Economides

AKEL accused of anti-European populism ahead of elections

In the past week, Annita Demetriou presented DISY's positions for the European elections while launching a simultaneous ...
Alexis Papachelas Alexis Papachelas

Tired of bad news? You're not alone

Are you tired of reading ''the news''?
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Labor shortage hits Antiparos island

The small Aegean island of Antiparos is in a fever of preparations for the summer’s tourism miracle.
Yiannis Ioannou Yiannis Ioannou

Navigating summer stalemates in the Cyprus conundrum

Historically, there has never been a peak in the Cyprus problem during the summer. The last significant event in Crans-Montana ...
Onasagoras Onasagoras

Monks, millionaires, and mammoths: Cyprus' epic saga of scandal and schemes

At an unexpected time, I had written to you that a mammoth development project in a coastal town would likely meet the fate ...
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Europe and the onus lying on our shoulders

On May 9th , 1950, the foundations were laid for the creation of the greatest peace project ever in human history. It was ...
George Kakouris George Kakouris

Cypriots torn between Palestine and Israel

The Greek Cypriot approach to the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis has always been conflicted, mainly because ...
Yiannis Ioannou Yiannis Ioannou

Cuellar urges Cyprus leaders to listen to civil society for progress

The UN's personal envoy, Maria Angela Holguin Cuellar, didn't arrange a trilateral meeting with the two leaders during her ...
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Our voices can make a difference

On campuses across the US, a powerful movement is underway. Students are standing up and saying ''enough'' to the fighting ...
Alexis Papachelas Alexis Papachelas

Our neighborhood just got unpredictable again

This part of the world has always been full of surprises. The most recent came on Friday afternoon when Turkish President ...
Yiannis Ioannou Yiannis Ioannou

Twenty years on...

The rejection of the Annan Plan transcends mere historical significance; especially this year, it coincides with an anniversary ...
Yiannis Ioannou Yiannis Ioannou

Cyprus's role in the Euro-Turkish equation

On a communicative level, as is customary, Nicosia may project a triumphant image regarding the interconnection between ...
Onasagoras Onasagoras

Politics Blog: A satirical take on current affairs

I begin today's column with a clarification: there is no issue of institutional credibility in Cyprus. There is, however, ...
Pavlos Xanthoulis Pavlos Xanthoulis

Fragile balance in Euro-Turkish relations

Before the Summit's conclusion, the phones were buzzing with excitement. President Christodoulides and his inner circle ...
Marina Economides Marina Economides

Government halts Syrian asylum reviews amid tensions

As tensions escalated in Lebanon and refugee boats continued to arrive in Cyprus, the President of the Republic made a ...
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Spain and Greece face dire drought conditions

“The tourism sector has to adapt to the situation we are experiencing, which is absolutely abnormal,” a member of the Catalan ...
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The hidden lives of migrants in Cyprus

Behind closed doors lies a hidden reality in Cyprus, where neglected homes become sanctuaries for new occupants, often foreigners ...
Pavlos Xanthoulis Pavlos Xanthoulis

Cyprus problem overlooked in EU Summit discussions on Turkey

The EU Council Secretariat has submitted a preliminary set of conclusions ahead of the upcoming Summit on April 17-18, delving ...
Eleni Xenou Eleni Xenou

We are all responsible

Eleven people crammed into one apartment, each paying between 150 to 200 euros in rent, all to live stacked together in ...
Onasagoras Onasagoras

Scandals and sanctimony in Cyprus

In recent years, we've seen it all. From COVID to the Ukraine conflict and the dramatic events unfolding next door in Gaza. ...
Yiannis Ioannou Yiannis Ioannou

Gaza's wounds deepen amidst humanitarian crisis

The ongoing conflict in Gaza offers little novelty to seasoned observers of conflicts, especially within the tumultuous ...
Eleni Xenou Eleni Xenou

Six years of oversight culminate in medicine warehouse catastrophe

This quote poignantly illustrates the entrenched mindset of public administration, often characterized by inefficiency rather ...