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A tear for Notre Dame

Andreas Paraschos writes about the wilderness of a society that does not seek accountability

Andreas Paraschos

Andreas Paraschos

As the ravaging golden-red flames multiplied, consuming the 10 centuries old carved petticoat of Notre Dame de Paris, that took forty five craftsmen with white beards and sixty apprentices wearing crooked hats, a swarm of bees emerged from its hive. Drunken from the resin of the ancient wood, which shrieked on the heels of the church's carvings, 200,000 bees, emerged in the bell tower and nested in the hunchback of Quasimodo. With the wisdom of millions of years, bees knew that that was the safest shelter for the civilization of humanity. They knew, the hymenoptera, that the majestic temple could collapse in ruins but that no one could turn to the ashes of history the ugly Quasimodo and the beautiful Esmeralda. Neither love.

Victor Hugo enshrined them in Notre Dame de Paris and made them immortal. And in other cultures people of creativity have installed immortal monuments and works of art that no one can erase, even a fire, even if it is cathartic. And here, in this corner of the Mediterranean, we are waiting for a fire like the one in Notre Dame. A fire that will lift us from our sofas and shake us all for what is happening around us, for the things we overlook. For all that has been done on behalf of our freedom, our independence and our integrity.

Under the banner of patriotism it ended up leading us to the wilderness of a society that does not seek accountability in order for it not to be held accountable

Under the banner of patriotism it ended up leading us to the wilderness of a society that does not seek accountability in order for it not to be held accountable. A society that swallowed up a coup, plundered the middle class, selling dubious shares, darkened the Sun by digesting 121 deaths of a tragedy without perpetrators, that has not realized what kind of crime was perpetrated on the 13 at Mari. A society that received a close haircut in 2013, and who, six years later, did not find a perpetrator for the worst financial crime in the land. A society where the Central Bank governor was caught forging her salary contract and where the Supreme Court president cooperates with a bank attorney to save his daughter's and his sister's money. A society that leaves paedophiles free and has 35 missing women for years and no one cares. On the contrary, he turns on the couch for another nap.

And from Salamina, as Pantelis Mihanikos says: "Onesilos sent his bees for ten years, to sting us, to wake us up, to bring us a message. Ten thousand bees sent Onesilos and they all died on our thick skin without us feeling anything. And when the barbarians arrived at Salamina, Onesilos was enraged. He could not stand it any longer. He grabbed his head and knocked it on my head. And I lay dead. Unglorified, miserable, cursed by Onesilos".

That's what Mihanikos said in 1975. If at that time the years were 10, Pantelis you have to add another 44 and a thousand people missing from 1974 that this society apparently has transferred to the missing persons, something like the red loans that are transferred from banks to hyena companies! Why; Because they eat the skulls of all those who do not dare to stand up from their sofas to protest and chase the perpetrators, the white collar criminals, those who have already sold half our country to the oligarchs and the other half ceded to Turkey.

Mankind is rightly tearing up in front of Notre Dame, but with the wrong perception of immortality and the ephemeral. For, immortal is the man whose works are written as fingerprints of cultural heritage in the world of intelligent beings. Fools are eaten by hyenas and the darkness…

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