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Cops hope to score win against Alexoui

Remand of high caliber Nicosia businessman set to expire but police hope to keep him in jail


Police prosecutors are hoping to keep Alexoui in jail even as the remand for the Nicosia businessman is set to expire on Wednesday, while the defence attorney says his client is being detained on fabricated allegations.

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Nicosia businessman Alexis “Alexoui” Mavromichalis, who was remanded in custody last week in an attempted murder case, is scheduled to be released Wednesday but police prosecutors are hoping to score a big win by keeping the high-caliber suspect in jail.

Media reported on Tuesday that prosecutors were rushing to file a criminal case on Wednesday against the 42-year-old suspect and ask the judge that Alexoui remain in detention without bail until his arraingment hearing.

Alexoui’s defence attorney says the allegations are not based on evidence but on a personal vendetta

Mavromichalis and two other suspects, 41-year-old Miroslav “Rudolf” Balazovjech and 40-year-old Josef “Sifis” Josef, are facing multiple charges in an attempted murder case, while police accuse Alexoui of being the criminal mastermind.

The case goes back to November 2017, when Panicos “Glykas” Panayiotou was shot multiple times outside his residence as he was getting out of his car in Nicosia’s Ayioi Omoloyites borough.

Glykas had pointed investigators to a different suspect following the incident, but police say he recently named Mavromichalis as the mastermind and implicated the two other suspects with one of them as the person who pulled the trigger.

Alexoui’s defence attorney, Andros Pelekanos, objected to his client’s detention last week and further told the judge that the allegations were not based on evidence but on a vendetta.

Police have acknowledged that people suspected of criminal activity would often jump ship but argued Alexoui should remain behind bars because he had the power to influence witnesses in the investigation.

If the judge rules the suspects would be released pending trial, Rudolf would automatically head back to prison where he is being held in jail pending another trial.

The judge could also decide to hold Alexoui without bail, which means both suspects would be at Nicosia Central Prisons, while Sifis is currently serving a sentence in a Turkish Cypriot prison in the north.

Alexoui, who had multiple attempts on his life, has been at odds with the police, who have been putting pressure on him and his associates in recent years.

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