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1. Cyprus enjoys strong growth prospects but contingent liabilities remain

Strong growth prospects and sustained fiscal discipline places Cyprus on a firm declining path but contingent liabilities, healthcare and public sector wage-related costs, as well as weaker external conditions, pose risks to the fiscal outlook, Scope rating agency said in commentary on Cyprus....

2. Banks must find new profitable products, CBC Governor says

The task of securing alternative profitable products besides lending is the biggest challenge for banks in small countries such as Cyprus, Central Bank Governor Constantinos Herodotou said on Friday....

3. Cyprus pays off costly crisis loan early

The Cypriot finance minister says the government is repaying an IMF rescue loan faster and at a lower rate after a double bond issuance expected to secure most of the country’s borrowing needs for 2020...

4. CITR Cyprus calls for modern insolvency rules

5. Central warns banks ‘not to overdo it’‘not-to-overdo-it

The Governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus has called on smaller local banks not to get carried away with loaning money, urging them to follow the example of bigger banks and focus on reducing toxic debt...

6. Moody's changes Cyprus outlook to positive

Rating agency Moody’s changed the outlook for the Cypriot economy to positive from stable, citing the reduction of the sovereign exposure to event risks stemming from the banking sector and the improving fiscal strength beating previous expectations...

7. Estia scheme kicks in for eligible borrowers

The Estia plan aimed at boosting borrowers’ ability to repay their defaulted loans went into effect on Monday, as the Cypriot government embarks on a scheme to subsidize repayments of restructured loans...

8. Scope rates Cyprus with BBB-

Scope Ratings affirmed last week the Republic of Cyprus’ BBB- long-term issuer and senior unsecured local- and foreign-currency ratings, along with a short-term issuer rating of S-2 in both local and foreign currency, noting that all outlooks are stable...

9. Non-performing loans decline to €10.14 billion€10-14-billion

Non-performing loans as defined by the European Banking Authority declined to €10.14 billion in March 2019, marking a reduction of €151 million compared to previous month. ...

10. ECB warns of 'significant negative impact'

The European Central Bank (ECB) has warned of “significant negative impact” to the Cypriot banking system in case a new law amending the legal on foreclosures is implemented. ...

11. Moody's warns foreclosure laws increase risk for banks

Cyprus’ new foreclosure framework hampers banks efforts to reduce NPLs said credit rating agency Moody's in an announcement on Thursday....

12. Warnings over new foreclosure legislation

A total of five bills concerning a new foreclosure legislation are expected to be discussed on Thursday at a meeting of the House of Representatives Finance Committee...

13. Bank culture should change Central Bank Governor says

14. IMF: Cyprus economic recovery gradually decelerating but remains strong

15. Cyprus 'one of the success stories of ESM'

16. CBC ready to examine ambiguities in AML laws

17. Anti-money laundering efforts beginning to be recognized abroad, Central Bank Governor says

18. IMF warns of 'increasing headwinds to sustained growth'

19. Big decisions ahead for Bank of Cyprus

20. 10th Economic Ideas Forum takes on Cyprus economic reforms

21. Finance Minister to stay on until the end of the year

22. Cooperative Anathema: Dissolution or sale

23. DBRS upgrades Cyprus to investment grade

24. Shell companies ''This is over, its finished''

25. Interview with Isfandyar Zaman Khan, lead specialist for finance and innovation at the World Bank

26. Economic growth in Cyprus remains strong

27. Alpha Bank Cyprus unloads NPLs worth €400 million€400-million

28. Bank share plunge fuels fears about Greece's vulnerability

29. Astrobank in talks to buy National Bank of Greece Cyprus unit

30. Fitch Ratings upgrades Bank of Cyprus