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1. Putin paying Palestinians $350 to fight in Ukraine, report says$350-to-fight-in-ukraine-report-says

The majority of the Palestinians being deployed to the frontlines in Ukraine hail from Ain al-Hilweh, the largest Palestine refugee camp in Lebanon....

2. Do officials care about the violence on the football pitches?

3. Op-ed: 'Putin will not invade because he doesn’t want a second Afghanistan’

Many analysts have suggested that the chaotic US withdrawal from Afghanistan emboldened Russian President Vladimir Putin to move toward Ukraine, exploiting the perceived weakness of the West. But Leon Aron, senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, reminds us that Russians were also trapped in Afghanistan in 1978-89. ...

4. EOKA veterans settle out of court

The British government and the EOKA fighters, who were seeking damages related to torture claims back in the 1950’s, have reached a settlement out of court...