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20 June, 2019


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1. Anastasiades meets Ozersay

2. Cyprus seeks EU sanctions against Turkey

3. Don’t mess with the US Congress

4. Die-hard eurosceptic or opportunist?

5. Duncan: 'We oppose their plans to drill'

6. Ahrweiler: History that teaches only one solution is a dangerous thing

7. Let us put our minds to work

8. The silent vote

9. Trump wades into Britain's 'interesting' Brexit crisis

10. They are not Europe

Britain and the chaos that has taken over the country is the biggest sign of what dangerous populism can do if it is underestimated, but it is not the only example...

11. President appoints new Justice Minister

12. Brexit may be put back to the people Hammond says

13. Israel to hold new elections after Netanyahu fails to form coalition

14. Action plan for the Missing faces criticism

The former Greek Cypriot representative on the Committee on Missing Persons has dropped bombshell allegations just as the government prepares to register the issue with the European parliament...

15. Boris Johnson to face court over Brexit comments

16. The election results and ND’s next challenge

17. Monnet or Orban?

When a vision ceases to create prosperity for the great masses it suddenly becomes a nightmare...

18. Against all odds

19. EU vote across Europe

20. After defeat, Greek PM calls for snap elections

21. Cyprus' MEPs pledge to work together

Republic of Cyprus’ six newly-elected Members of the European Parliament pledged to work to promote the national problem and the issues facing the people on the island...

22. DISY maintains leadership with 29.01% of the vote

23. Exit poll results: Far right stays out

24. Elections 2019: Cyprus chooses

25. Cypriots go to the polls

Polls opened on Sunday morning in the Republic of Cyprus where 72 candidates are competing for one of six seats at the European parliament...

26. Final instructions for European Elections in Cyprus

27. May's job in peril as Brits head to polls

28. Did someone say Europe?

We are just days away from elections and it seems that we need to be reminded about which elections we are talking about...

29. Barnier: The options are deal, no deal or no Brexit

30. The yellow lake

In the last decade of the nineteenth century in America, two influential newspapers - New York World and New York Journal – went all out in a fierce competition that adopted sensationalized news reporting, prompting New York Press affiliates to coin the term yellow journalism...