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25 July, 2024

Agricultural land for sale by AstroBank

Agricultural land in various parts of Cyprus have been listed for sale by AstroBank.

The Bank's listings include houses and apartments, office space, land, and commercial buildings. The available properties are located in urban and rural areas, providing prospective buyers with a wide range of choice to find the one that best meets their needs.

All listings are posted on the Bank’s website where people can browse by location, type, or price. Buyers can simply fill a contact form requesting more information about the property they are interested in. Below are some of the properties for sale:

Agricultural Field 11,613sqm Yeri, Nicosia Property Code: PIR291 Indicative price €256.200

The property is in the community of Yeri, 1.2km from the centre. It has an irregular shape with an even surface and borders a registered road with a facade of approximately 20m.

Agricultural Field 17,671sqm Ayios Ioannis Malountas, Nicosia Property Code: PIR275 Indicative price €92.400

The property has a relatively regular shape with sloping surface, bordering a public dirt road.

Agricultural Field 11,706sqm Alethrico, Larnaca Property Code: PIR106 Indicative price €147.000

The property is located around 2.4km southeast from the centre of the community. It has a smooth and flat surface with a frontage of 53m.

Agricultural Field 7,311sqm Kato Deftera, Nicosia Property Code: PIR188 Indicative price €192.000

The property is located 1.5km north-west of the Nicosia – Palaichori road. It has a rectangular shape with sloping surface and access to a public road with a façade of 105m.

Agricultural field 18,061sqm Pareklisia, Limassol Property Code: PIR367 Indicative price €230.000

The property has an irregular shape, a sloping surface and is located around 900m north of the nearest residential zone. It borders a public pathway approximately 35m northeast of a registered road.

Agricultural field 8,167sqm Neo Chorio, Paphos Property Code: PIR477 Indicative price €205.800

The property is located in Neo Chorio and has access to a public road. It offers nice views to the surrounding area and the sea. It is rectangular in shape with an even surface.

Agricultural field 3,679sqm Maroni, Larnaca Property Code: PIR627 Indicative price €27.300

The field is located 900m east of the main road linking Maroni to Zygi and 1.5km southeast of the community’s traditional centre. It has an irregular shape and an even surface and its around 140m east of the nearest tarmacked road.

Agricultural field 12,041sqm Ayios Theodoros, Larnaca Property Code: PIR625 Indicative price €103.000

The property is located 700m north of the coast and 5km southeast of the traditional centre of the community. It has an irregular shape and even surface and approximately 50m north of the nearest agricultural road.

Interested parties can find more detailed information and submit their bids on the AstroBank website

Contact number: 22575873


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