12° Nicosia,
20 January, 2022

An arts Corporate Social Responsibility initiative by Pafilia

Pafilia Property Developers has announced the implementation of its new initiative, ‘Pafilia Art Space.’ This significant contribution in support of the island’s cultural space and the people within it was announced at a special event held on Tuesday 28 July at MINTHIS Resort, in the presence of the Commissioner for Volunteerism and Non-Governmental Organizations, as well as many of artists from the district of Paphos. This initiative is part of Pafilia’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program, which focuses on promoting the work of local artists to the company’s clients, most of whom are foreign nationals.

Specifically, Pafilia will create a website onto which artists who wish to participate in this initiative can upload their work, thus creating an easily accessible online exhibition. Subsequently, through the company’s internal processes, members of the Pafilia team will present this exhibition to clients upon delivery of their home. In this way, Pafilia clients will be able to meet local artists and discover their work, and even make a purchase if they wish. As mentioned in the presentation, this initiative will initially be open to local artists in the Paphos district, and will slowly extend to include artists from other cities, with Limassol as the next step.

Pafilia Executive Director, Evangelia Eliadou, stated emphatically that the field of the arts can and should be an integral part of every company’s Corporate Social Responsibility framework. She also added that by supporting artists and other people within the cultural space, Pafilia recognizes the extent of national wealth created by arts and culture, as well as the cultural and social dimensions of sustainable development. The talent of our local artists, concluded Ms. Eliadou, is unquestionable, and with this action, Pafilia is creating a space for artists, particularly during a difficult time when many have suffered the adverse effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Commissioner for Volunteerism and Non-Governmental Organizations, Yiannis Yiannaki, commended Pafilia for this initiative, and highlighted the important role artists and culture have in helping the community navigate the challenges of every era. He also noted that the skills and creativity of people within the arts space contribute towards creating a more inclusive society, enhancing the level of dialogue within civil society, encouraging tolerance and solidarity, and promoting human rights.

The artists who were present at the event thanked Pafilia for its initiative, stressing that such actions are a source of encouragement and contribute substantially to the support of people within the artistic and cultural spaces. The promotion of their artwork to Pafilia clients, they added, will open new channels and create opportunities for collaboration with an audience they would have otherwise not had the opportunity to approach.

The website is expected to be up and running in September, and can be accessed at


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