12° Nicosia,
20 May, 2024

European Institute of Management and Finance establishes the Centre of Good Governance

Considering the need to tackle weak and precarious governance structures evident in both private and public entities, the European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF) has established the Centre for Good Governance (CGG) in an effort to enhance governance at all levels and in all fields.  

Overall, the CGG is a research and policy centre operating under the auspices of the EIMF and set up in coordination with a team of established academics and technocrats, who also comprise the Centre’s Advisory Board. Adonis Pegasiou, who currently serves as EIMF’s Academic Director and Head of the CGG, notes that the Centre’s aim is to contribute to a more efficient and transparent public sector and a more productive and fairer corporate environment, one where businesses and public organisations operate effectively and interact constructively to fulfil their mission.

For the CGG to achieve its strategic objectives, a range of actions promoting the dissemination of knowledge on good governance will be initiated. These activities include publishing relevant research, staging public events (e.g. lectures, seminars, etc.), and exchanging different views and ideas between interested parties through the interactive platforms available. The CGG will also develop manuals, codes of conduct, best practices, procedures, and policy proposals with the aim of improving the overall level of governance in both the private and public sectors.

Dr Pegasiou also highlighted the launch of the CGG Working Papers series, which aims to advance knowledge related to governance. Academics, technocrats, and policy makers will be able to submit and present their work, thus contributing or even initiating public debates while also receiving prompt feedback on their research papers, policy proposals, and case studies reviews that are still work in progress. The CGG Working Papers will be available with open access to all those interested.

The first article "Proposal for a Framework for Governance of State-Owned Enterprises and Organisations (SEOs)" is already available on the CGG website. This article proposes a governance framework for SEOs that could be implemented by the government. Drawing on information and knowledge from the relevant literature, the article sets out specific recommendations aimed at ensuring the sustainability, efficient operation, and profitability of these organisations operating within an open market, while at the same time safeguarding quality services at competitive prices.

The CGG website is now available ( and offers more information in relation to the Centre’s objectives and vision, its operating principles, forthcoming events, its Council members, and other useful information.

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