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Exceeding expectations

Nicosia Mall is winning its place as a retail landmark


Press Release - Nicosia Mall 05/08/19 

In the eight months of its operation, Nicosia Mall has surpassed expectations. Following the triumphant opening in November 2018 and the resounding welcome by consumers, the capital’s newest shopping mall has been steadily and assuredly pulling in crowds and converting them into devoted customers. The outstanding traffic as well as the levels of satisfaction and observed visitor loyalty, which are examined on a quarterly basis through surveys, are a testament that a thoughtfully planned retail destination and a customer centric approach can yield success. Most importantly, the data available foretells a bright future ahead.

The winning parameters

As one of the rare examples of shopping malls which opened their doors with an occupancy rate of 100%, Nicosia Mall has been set for success from the start. In the 8-month period following its opening, Nicosia Mall has welcomed through its doors more than 3,7 million visitors and the data available for 2019 indicate an average monthly traffic of 407,000 visitors. The achievements of this young centre become even more evident through the data available from market surveys, which are executed on a quarterly basis with the purpose to extract information on the visitor profile, attitudes, preferences and on important indicators pertaining to the performance of the mall. 

Nicosia Mall, at large, attracts consumers with an exclusive purpose of visit, who have chosen it for its location, its selection of shops and for its supermarket. Equally important is that, for the great majority, Nicosia Mall represents their main shopping destination, which is a notable feat for a young centre.

The observations validate the strategy of the Mall’s management – a strategy that revolves around an optimised retail mix and an unwavering focus on the customer. Through meticulous planning, Nicosia Mall has created a product that is comprised by a masterfully blended brand mix that delivers positive synergies and maximizes visitor satisfaction. The outcome is one that includes the largest variety of international and local brands under one roof and rightfully claims its place as the strongest retail hub in terms of both the quantity and quality of retailers.
The strength of the offering of the capital’s largest shopping mall, also stems from the numerous international brands which have an exclusive presence at Nicosia Mall. These popular crowd pleasers and trend-setting retailers made their debut in Cyprus, by opening at Nicosia Mall their first ever monobrand stores in the local market and brought to Cypriot consumers a shopping experience that is fresh, global and new.

The location advantage of Nicosia Mall has also become evident, as it is ranked by visitors as the number one reason that drives their decision to visit. The results reaffirm the strengths of the specific catchment area. At the same time, the analysis of the geographical profile of visitors reveals a loyal customer base from the largest urban areas of Nicosia.

Location and convenience go hand-in-hand for today’s busy consumers, and the latter is a winning attribute, which has been integrated into the customer experience with great care. Innovative services, such as the Smart Parking Management System have been implemented to eliminate the hurdles often associated with high-traffic destinations. The philosophy is for visitors to spend time only on the things they enjoy at Nicosia Mall. The wide, airy and luxurious corridors of the mall are also designed to enhance the experience and maximize comfort even on the busiest days. Also at the focus of the convenience, is the well-integrated mix of shopping with dining, coffee shops, five-star entertainment and services, alongside one of the most popular supermarkets, which builds around the concept of a one-stop destination.

Rio Premier Cinemas, which recently opened its doors within Nicosia Mall, is another testament of the centre’s attitude to offer everything in its best possible version. The state-of-the art six-screen cinema, offers an elevated cinematic experience which includes Dolby Atmos moving cinema audio, Buttkicker cinema seats and 4K laser projectors. Services such as online-booking and seat reservations have also been introduced, raising the bar altogether.

The bright future ahead

The philosophy of a collectively better experience, coupled with the location advantage and optimized retail mix, are the proven winning parameters behind the resounding success of Nicosia Mall, especially in terms of its ability to attract and maintain a pool of traffic that is comprised at large by shoppers. 

The challenge for any new business, is to infiltrate into the habits of consumers and establish itself as the primary choice. In the case of Nicosia Mall, this has been achieved at a speed that is beyond expectations. The comparative data, between the first and second quarters of 2019, which indicate growth in the strong visitor loyalty and in the weekly frequency of visits, are telling signs that Nicosia Mall has captured the heart of consumers for the long run.

According to the Management of Nicosia Mall “We will continue to direct our efforts in evolving the experience we offer by responding to the needs and wants of our visitors, who are at the forefront of what we do”. 

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