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Innovative payabl. POS Card Terminals make omnichannel payments simple and easy

Get ready to embrace the future of payments with payabl. - the cutting-edge payments company that's shaking up the industry. In a game-changing move, payabl. has just launched its revolutionary point-of-sale (POS) solution for in-person payments, aimed at transforming the way retailers conduct business. The best part? This is happening right now in Cyprus.

With payabl. POS terminals, retailers can now optimize their multichannel strategy, accepting transactions made with Visa and Mastercard, as well as digital wallets like Google and Apple Pay. This means a more seamless payment experience for customers, and an easier way for businesses to manage both online and in-store transactions.

But that's just the beginning. By selecting a single provider for both POS and e-commerce, businesses can unlock a host of benefits:

  • They can streamline their payment processing needs into one platform, significantly reducing the complexity of managing and reconciling transactions. This can save businesses time and money, allowing them to focus on other areas of their operations.
  • Furthermore, all-in-one merchant services providers offer robust security features, such as fraud prevention, encryption, and PCI compliance, that can help businesses protect their customer's payment data. With this level of security, businesses can rest assured that their customers' payment information is safe and secure.
  • Businesses also gain access to a wide range of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, eChecks, ACH, and mobile payments. This can help businesses cater to a wider range of customer payment preferences, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Using an all-in-one merchant services provider can help businesses simplify payment processing, enhance security, offer a variety of payment methods, and provide dedicated customer support. With these benefits, businesses can optimize their payment processing operations and focus on growing their business.


''With the addition of the payabl.POS Terminal, we've achieved a full product suite that seamlessly combines card-not-present and card-present transaction processing. This empowers merchants with a unified, omnichannel platform, ensuring convenience and efficiency throughout their operations” said Ugne Buraciene, Group CEO at payabl.



As payabl.'s Head of Acquiring & Cyprus Country Manager, Theodoros Hadjistyllis, notes, ''Today marks an exciting milestone for us as we launch payabl.'s new POS terminals and expand our presence in the omnichannel space and it’s fantastic to be doing so in collaboration with Mastercard. This launch is a crucial step in our company's growth journey and aligns with our mission of empowering merchants to grow their businesses. Launching the POS offering in Cyprus is the first stage of our product rollout ambitions and we plan to expand the offering across the EU later this year.''



Isidoros Mezopoulos, Manager at Mastercard, said, ''We are excited to announce our collaboration with payabl. on their latest POS terminals solution, aimed at simplifying the process of accepting card payments for retail establishments of all sizes. At Mastercard, we believe that payments should be a safe and hassle-free experience for everyone, and solutions like payabl.'s POS terminals can help businesses save time and money while focusing on what they do best - serving their customers.''



With payabl.'s largest office of 70 team members based in Limassol, Cyprus is the ideal location for this cutting-edge technology to take root. The rollout of payabl. POS terminals is set to replace legacy systems and usher in a new era of digital payments, making it easier than ever for businesses to accept card payments - and giving customers a safe, seamless, and convenient experience.

Established in 2011, payabl. is a leading payments institution with regional offices in Cyprus, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, and the United Kingdom. Through its holistic payments offering, payabl. can facilitate online transactions from 300+ payment methods and in-person payments with the payabl. POS terminals. Through its extensive expertise, payabl. enables businesses to grow, positively transforming the communities they engage with. Payabl. offers its customers a high-tech, high-touch approach, providing future-ready payment solutions for merchants from a wide range of sectors around the world. With unrivaled experience in helping clients navigate the complexity of an evolving payments environment, payabl. is the trusted partner for the world’s largest merchants to unlock growth.

So why wait? Join the revolution with payabl. and start reaping the benefits of omnichannel payments today.

Learn more here payabl.’s POS offering here:


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