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25 July, 2024

Porsche Cyprus celebrates women

In a unique and wonderful evening event on March 2nd, 2023, A.I. Motokinisi Ltd., the official importer and distributor of Porsche cars in Cyprus, welcomed distinguished guests, partners and media representatives at the Porsche showroom in Nicosia. The event was held on the occasion of the upcoming International Women's Day on March 8th, in order to honour the woman and her role in today’s era.

The event was addressed by psychologists and psychotherapists, Anna Pogiatzis Hamboullas and Ester Sinetar Siakkas, who touched upon key issues pertaining to women’s modern lifestyle, problem-solving and empowerment in today's society.

Porsche is supporting women globally through an innovative strategy named the “SHIFT Project”, recognising that women form an integral part of its success.

The “SHIFT Project” has served as the basis to establish an international community where distinguished women from all professional fields meet, discuss and interact creatively and are inspired by each other’s work and life. The ultimate goal is for them to play a decisive role in a global change, a global “shift” in gender stereotypes.

All of the above are fully in line with the corporate culture of Porsche Cyprus and A.I. MOTOKINISI Ltd., which has long supported values such as strong will, dynamic spirit and consistency.

On behalf of A.I. MOTOKINISI Ltd. and Porsche Cyprus, Ms. Pavlina Iacovidou, Marketing & PR Manager, stated that “If this initiative enables us to succeed in supporting women's dreams practically and substantially, we will not merely achieve a goal that we have set. We will have contributed to the effort to create a better world, where women will finally obtain what they are entitled to: equal opportunities and prospects.”

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