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20 June, 2024

QuickPay: Ask for the bill and share it with your friends

Press Release

QuickPay is constantly evolving and becoming even easier to use as it adapts to the daily needs and wants of existing and new Bank of Cyprus customers.

Now, a new feature called ''Split the Bill'' has been added to the smart services.

Users can share the amount of their jointbill, while the ''Request Payment'' services for direct payments through the QuickPay screen come to frame the new innovation.

How does it work?

After logging in to the BoC Mobile App, the users canselect the amount of the charge from their transactions and select the ''Split the bill'' service. Then they  selectfrom the list of contacts the people with whom they will share the account and adjust the amounts corresponding to each of them accordingly. When finished, the selected contacts will receive a push notification with the amount they have to pay, while the user can monitor through the app the completed and pending payments, and also send reminders or cancel the request at any time.


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