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1. Impeachment inquiry hits close to home

Congresswoman Maxine Waters says there is “absolutely” enough evidence to draft articles of impeachment against Trump, adding that she and other committee chairs can finish their investigations “before the year is out"...

2. Waters’ summer mission reaches Cyprus

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters is on summer recess trip to Europe with a US special delegation on a mission meeting with officials in Switzerland and Cyprus...

3. US congresswoman on a money trail to Cyprus

A US Congress delegation is set to visit Cyprus to hold meetings on financial matters, led by Chairwoman Maxine Waters who vowed earlier this year to conduct oversight hearings into financial dealings of the US president...

4. BOC leadership change will not disrupt momentum Ackermann says

5. New CEO for Bank of Cyprus

6. Ackermann buys 400,000 shares in Bank of Cyprus

7. Big decisions ahead for Bank of Cyprus

8. Bank of Cyprus - New CEO and Chairman in 2019

9. Bank of Cyprus CEO John Hourican moves on

10. Bank of Cyprus Board proposes Takis Arapoglou for new Chairman