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79% jump in consumer complaints this year

Consumer complaints hit new heights, unveiling key issues of 2023


In a substantial leap from 2022, the Cyprus Consumer Association reports a noteworthy spike in four complaint categories in 2023.

"Returns Policy" complaints soared by 166%, while "Email Fraud" and "Accuracy and Cost of Living" grievances rose by 161% and 148%, respectively. Notably, "Online Scams" witnessed an 111% surge.

The overall increase in written consumer complaints reached 7.6%, with a staggering 79% spike in telephone complaints. Unmentioned in the data but still prevalent were issues like public service bureaucracy, electricity charges post-subsidy termination, EAC meter reading disputes, and consumer woes amid rising prices of essential goods, fuel, and electricity.

In 2022, 44 complaints were voiced, but by 2023, this number surged to 93—an unsettling increase of 111.4%. Within the marketplace, another subplot unfolded, centering on Price Discrepancies and Shelf/Cash Register Issues. The grievances rose from 165 in 2022 to 270 in 2023, marking a substantial 63.6% increase.

Navigating the consumer landscape became a precarious journey, especially concerning Accuracy and the Cost of Living. In 2022, 89 complaints were registered, and by 2023, the number skyrocketed to 221—an alarming surge of 148.3%.

In the digital realm, Frauds via Electronic Messages took a spotlight. With 18 complaints in 2022, the number swelled to 47 in 2023—an impactful increase of 161.1%.

Product Guarantees also emerged as a notable concern. From 339 complaints in 2022, the challenges escalated to 473 in 2023—a substantial rise of 39.5%. Unfair Trade Practices, with 98 complaints in 2022, experienced a slight uptick to 110 in 2023—an increase of 12.2%.

Consumer contracts faced scrutiny, revealing Unfair Terms. Starting with 39 complaints in 2022, the number modestly rose to 42 in 2023—an uptick of 7.7%.

Return Policy quandaries took a dramatic turn. In 2022, the grievances were at 129, escalating dramatically to 343 in 2023—a staggering increase of 165.9%.

Flight Cancellations, Delays, Denied Boarding, and Baggage Mishandling became prominent concerns. The grievances, numbering 144 in 2022, heightened to 200 in 2023—an increase of 38.9%.

Food Safety presented a unique storyline. Complaints, starting at 56 in 2022, decreased to 51 in 2023—an unexpected decline of -8.9%. The energy sector's Renewable Energy Plans became a subplot. With 38 complaints in 2022, the energy surged to 57 in 2023—an increase of 50.0%.

Other Complaints played a supporting role. In 2022, their chorus reached 326, but as the tale continued into 2023, a twist unfolded—the chorus diminished to 245 complaints—a notable decrease of -24.8%.

The grand finale unfolded with the Total Complaints. In 2022, grievances numbered 1485, and by 2023, the crescendo peaked at 2152—an overall surge of 44.9%.

In 2022, their number stood at 709, with a modest increase to 763 in 2023—a crescendo of 7.6%. Simultaneously, Total Phone Complaints resonated with a dramatic crescendo.

In 2022, the grievances numbered 776, yet by 2023, the echoes soared to 1389—an explosive surge of 79.0%. Thus, the Consumer Complaints Chronicle reached its conclusion, leaving the audience pondering the intricacies of the modern market drama.

Specifically addressing "Accuracy and Cost of Living" concerns, consumers voiced frustrations over escalating prices of basic goods, fuel hikes post-subsidy removal, and challenges in purchasing necessities.

Regarding business return policies, the focus shifted to general product returns, especially during sales periods. The Cyprus Consumer Association pledges intensified efforts to educate consumers on their rights, coupled with rigorous market monitoring.

Highlighting successful mediation and dispute resolution agreements with 62 retailers, the association aims to tackle consumer complaints head-on.

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