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Airbnb goes Hollywood in latest stunt

Airbnb has plans to rent the X-Men mansion, ‘Up’ home, ‘Purple Rain’ house and even a night at the Ferrari museum in their new 'Icons' program


In a hilltop mansion in Westchester County, New York, Airbnb is bringing fantasy to life with a unique twist. Imagine entering the driveway and being greeted not by the usual scene, but by the colossal severed head of a Sentinel, an iconic foe from the X-Men universe.

According to a story in the Hollywood Reporter, this mansion, previously a typical residential home, has undergone a transformation into the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, straight out of the Marvel Animation series X-Men ’97. Inside, guests are treated to an immersive experience, with hand-painted interiors resembling the cartoon's two-dimensional style. From Professor X’s office to Beast’s lab and even a replicated “danger room,” every corner is a nod to X-Men lore.

This venture is part of Airbnb’s new initiative, “Icons,” aiming to offer users the chance to stay in iconic properties, real or fictional, rooted in pop culture. CEO Brian Chesky describes it as a move to expand beyond the company’s traditional offerings and embrace experiences that resonate with cultural touchstones.

The idea was born from an unlikely source – a shopping trip to Ikea about a decade ago. What started as a whimsical idea turned into a viral sensation, leading Airbnb to explore more ambitious projects. Now, with “Icons,” they’re taking it to the next level, recreating beloved fictional locations like Carl’s house from Pixar's Up and even the Control Room from Inside Out.

But it’s not just about staying in a themed setting; Airbnb is adding exclusive experiences to enhance the stay. From listening to rare Prince tracks at the Purple Rain house to joining Kevin Hart for a private lounge session, each Icon promises an unforgettable adventure.

With 11 Icons at launch, and more to come throughout the year, Airbnb is inviting guests to step into their favorite stories, offering a blend of fantasy and reality at an accessible price point. So whether you dream of floating in Carl’s house or training like a mutant at the X-Men mansion, Airbnb’s Icons promises a journey into the heart of pop culture.

[This story was sourced from the Hollywood Reporter, you can read the full story here]

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