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20 June, 2024

Anticipated 20% surge in orange prices

Rising costs of orange juice imports and declining local production create challenges for Cyprus' orange industry


Consumers are set to face a 20% surge in the price of oranges on supermarket shelves in the near future. Chris Markidis, the director of KEAN, explained to Maria Irakleous that the significant price hike is attributed to a threefold increase in the cost of orange juice. This surge is directly linked to the impact of climate change on global crop yields.

When questioned about the markets from which orange juice is imported, Mr. Markides mentioned, "from Brazil, America, Spain, and Egypt." He highlighted that orange production in Cyprus has markedly decreased due to extensive land development.

Ultimately, the repercussions of climate change on agriculture have led to a substantial decline in orange production within Cyprus. This, coupled with increased costs in importing orange juice from major markets like Brazil, America, Spain, and Egypt, contributes to the challenges faced by the local orange industry. The anticipated rise in prices not only reflects the immediate impact on consumer pockets but also underscores the broader implications of environmental shifts on the global supply chain and local economies.


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