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Boeing faces setback as 737 Max jets require rework due to mis-drilled holes

Approximately 50 undelivered planes affected, adding to Boeing's challenges and quality control concerns


Boeing is facing a new setback in the production of its 737 Max jets, as approximately 50 undelivered planes will require rework due to a manufacturing problem.  The issue involves mis-drilled holes in the fuselages made by Boeing supplier Spirit AeroSystems, according to a report by CNN.

While the problem does not pose an immediate flight safety risk, the company anticipates the need for corrective measures. This incident adds to the challenges Boeing has faced in recent years, including a recent in-flight incident on an Alaska Airlines 737 Max 9. The company's CEO, David Calhoun, acknowledged accountability for the problems and emphasized the importance of improving quality control.

Boeing's increasing reliance on suppliers for key parts has led to concerns about meeting quality standards, prompting a focus on addressing unfinished jobs from both suppliers and Boeing's own facilities. The latest setback comes amid ongoing financial losses for Boeing and challenges in delivering orders, impacting major customers like United Airlines and Southwest Airlines.

[Source: CNN]

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