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Cyprus Airways Upgrades Fleet to A220, Unveiling Joint Conference with Airbus at Paris Air Show 2023

  • Cyprus Flag Carrier Enhances Sustainability and Efficiency
  • Elevates Passenger Experience with its new A220 Fleet Upgrade

22 June 2023 - Paris, France – Cyprus Airways, the flag carrier airline of Cyprus, is delighted to announce the upgrade of its fleet from the A320 to the advanced A220 aircraft. This significant development was unveiled during a joint conference with Airbus at the prestigious Paris Air Show 2023 that took place on June 20th, at 4:00 PM in the Airbus Chalet Press Conference Room.

The transition to the A220 marks a remarkable milestone for Cyprus Airways as it reinforces its position as a leading airline committed to providing an unparalleled travel experience. With the invaluable support of Air Lease Corporation (ALC), Cyprus Airways is embarking on this transformative journey to enhance operational efficiency and cater to the evolving demands of modern air travel.

The A220-300, renowned for its exceptional features and capabilities, perfectly aligns with Cyprus Airways' vision to strike the ideal balance between passenger comfort and operational efficiency. This next-generation aircraft offers unparalleled worldwide support through Airbus' unique expertise and extensive supply chain network.

"With our fleet upgrade to the A220, Cyprus Airways enters a new era of aviation," states Paul Sies, CEO of Cyprus Airways. "We are thrilled to introduce this cutting-edge aircraft, which provides our passengers with unmatched comfort, unrivaled fuel efficiency, and a sustainable travel experience."

The A220-300 boasts remarkable attributes, including unbeatable fuel efficiency with a 25% reduction in fuel burn per seat, a clean sheet design incorporating the latest technologies and robust systems, and a strong market potential to rationalize the 100-150 seater segment. Furthermore, the A220-300's advanced features, such as the PW1500G Geared Turbofan engine and aerodynamic optimization, contribute to a 50% smaller noise footprint and superior single-aisle comfort, offering wider seats, larger windows, and increased overhead stowage space.

Cyprus Airways' commitment to sustainability is exemplified by the A220-300's significant environmental advantages. With 25% lower fuel burn and CO2 emissions compared to previous-generation aircraft, as well as approximately 50% fewer NOx emissions, the A220-300 plays a pivotal role in realizing a greener and more sustainable aviation industry.

These events mark the beginning and the airline's unwavering commitment to a greener future while delivering excellence, sustainability, and an elevated travel experience for its passengers.

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