12° Nicosia,
22 June, 2024

Exness supports technology education in Cyprus through Robotex Platinum sponsorship

Limassol-based fintech Exness, a continuous supporter of the development of technology, education, and innovation in Cyprus, was a platinum sponsor of the 5th robotics competition Robotex. The event that took place on June 25 and 26, 2022 at the University of Cyprus Sports Center, was organized by the Cyprus Computer Society and it is considered the biggest festival promoting robotics education on the island.

The robotics event’s main focus was the several races and challenges that robots had to finish and overcome. Specifically it included the LINE FOLLOWING, a race in which robots had to get through various obstacles, MAZE, in which they were trying to find their way out of a labyrinth, FOLKRACE, a special rally race, SUMO, a challenged based on Japanese wrestling, as well as the new GIRLS FIRE-FIGHTING, a girls-only challenge that aims at attracting more women in the STEAM sector (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics education). In addition, visitors had the chance to draw inspiration from the several exhibitors that were there to showcase their expertise in computing and robotics.

“Here at Exness, it gives us great pleasure and pride to see such events take place on our island. We believe that education is the bedrock of our future and if we want to compete in the global science and technology market we definitely need more events and initiatives such as Robotex,” Martin Thorvaldsson, Exness CSR Director, commented. “Being part of such an event, one that helps children, as well as adults, explore the potential of technology, is inspiring to say the least”, he continued.

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