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04 February, 2023

''Firm of the Year 2022'' Specialist Sector

EAI International Awards – October 2022, San Francisco, CA, US

K. Treppides & Co Ltd, the Largest Independent Consultant, and a Cyprus based international firm, was awarded as the EAI Specialist Sector ''Firm of the year 2022'', by EAI International which is recognized internationally including US and Canada.

EAI International was created in 1986 and is an inclusive Association whose values remain at its core. Respect, Independence, Trust and Collaboration. EAI International is an association with members in Europe, US, Canada, South America, Africa, Middle East, Asia. The EAI Awards have been designed to recognize the achievements of member firms throughout the year after assessing the firm competencies and procedures.

The Awards Ceremony took place in San Francisco, United States, on the 31st of October 2022 where the chairman of Treppides Group, Kikis Treppides and Managing Director, Marios Cosma received the award. This award is a validation that Treppides Group of Companies continues to be a key player and specialist in the sector of Regulated entities in Cyprus and Internationally. The award recognized the specialization in the financial services and other regulated entities sector and especially on companies that are technology and software driven in conducting their business.

This year awards ceremony and annual convention of EAI were in San Francisco, the city of the silicon valley making the award even more prestigious since the spearhead of all the leading technology driven companies is situated in the city.

Treppides Group, specializes in the financial and credit institution advice sector furnishing mainly investment firms and funds by offering service that enable the operating companies to be licensed, be compliance driven and supported in back office operations.

Treppides Group owes its success to its high calibre human capital, who provide high quality of services and expertise in order to provide the highest level of solutions and services to our clients. Treppides Group ensures that its human capital develops to be part of the leaders.

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