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04 October, 2023

Another case of cyber fraud

A total $44,900 transferred


A 41-year-old businessman in Limassol became another victim to cyber fraud when he allegedly paid $44,900 into a bank account he thought was legitimate.

On September 14, the 41-year old owner of a company in Limassol received an email from a tobacco supplier with whom he had previously collaborated. An invoice for an order of tobacco products was attached amounting to $44,900 for items ordered.

According to the victim, he proceeded with the transfer of funds to the bank account listed on the email.

On September 20, he was asked by his bank to verify the transaction, but realized at that point he was a victim of fraud.

Despite attempts to stop the transfer, the money had already been released to the receiver. He immediately reported the incident to the Limassol police department.

The investigation is ongoing.

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