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Lidl Cyprus celebrates 10th anniversary

Ten years of Lidl Cyprus, ten valuable years for the Cyprus of tomorrow

Larnaka, 10 November 2020


A press conference dedicated to the 10th anniversary of its operation was carried out by Lidl Cyprus on Tuesday, November 10, in a virtual environment and in the presence of institutions and representatives of the media.

Within the framework of the conference, Lidl Cyprus’ strategic plan, its network expansion, as well as the company's contribution to both the environment and society were presented. Additionally, data from Lidl Cyprus’ third consecutive socio-economic impact study were presented. The study was conducted for the years 2011 and 2019 and in order to identify and evaluate the effects created by the company’s 10-year presence in Cyprus and with regards to the economy and society of the country.

According to the study’s data, with regards to the economy, Lidl Cyprus’ contribution to the country’s GDP was recorded as having more than 2 times increased in comparison to the first year of its operation, with €55 million in 2019, while the company's contribution to tax revenues increased 2.5 times since its 1st year of operation, reaching €23 million. With regards to society, in 2019 the company made investments for the society and the environment which overcame €143,000.

"For the past 10 years, we have been accompanying the country and its national effort for development and prosperity, steadily drawing strength from consumer confidence and support. For the next three years, our plans include significant investments and further expansion, always keeping our promise for "quality for all", said Spyros Kondylis, General Manager of Lidl Cyprus, who spoke about the stigma of the company's business vision. 

Specifically, as announced, the company's development plan for the next three years includes total investments of approximately 24 million euros including the expansion of the branch’s network, with 4 new points of sale by 2023. 

The event was addressed by Natasa Pilides, Minister of Energy, Commerce & Industry, who congratulated the company on its multileveled corporate responsibility actions towardsboth society and the environment. "Undoubtedly, taking into consideration the pure development policies Lidl Cyprus applies, it is rightly so, one of the leaders in Cyprus’ retail sector today and its impact on our society and economy can only be seen as a positive sign," said Ms. Pilides. 

The foundations and principles of Lidl Cyprus’ responsible corporate governance were laid out by Ms. Vasiliki Adamidou, Director of Communications, Corporate Responsibility and Social Media, who characteristically stated: “We have had 10 years full of successes that hide years of hard work, perseverance, "zeal" for what we do as well as passion for the best. Guided by our values, respect, trust, responsibility, quality, sustainability, honesty and dynamism, we build the future with our focus on the responsible use of natural resources and modern economic standards, which will guarantee the sustainable future of the planet" adding that for the past 10 years, Lidl Cyprus has been implementing a holistic model of responsibility, thus creating an unbroken chain in all its business stages. 

In addition, two new collaborations with Lidl Cyprus were announced, which reflect the company's vision for a better planet and a society of equal opportunities for all. 

Specifically, Lidl Cyprus is collaborating with the Non-Government Organisation Junior Achievement Cyprus and its STOP CY programme, giving students the opportunity to implement their own ideas based on environmental responsibility, developing environmental awareness and critical thinking as responsible leaders of tomorrow. 

It’s a modern environmental programme, which promotes innovation with the aim of raising public awareness about the reckless use of disposable plastics, through ideas that provide solutions to everyday problems. 

Lidl Cyprus' cooperation with Junior Achievement Cyprus is fully in line with the REset Plastic initiative, the international strategy of the Schwarz Group for plastics in which Lidl Cyprus also participates, and specifically in the REsearch field of action to support research for the development of innovative solutions with a vision of "Less plastic-Closed Circle process of raw materials".

Additionally, the company announced that it is proceeding with a donation of €30,000 and foodstuffs to the Independent Social Support Agency, which has the First Lady, Mrs. Andri Anastasiadis as President of the Agency, in order to support people who face serious difficulties pursuing their university education. 

Lastly, Lidl Cyprus’ immediate plans include the development of the Lidl Food Academy, which as from the new year will offer new journeys of knowledge, experiences and entertainment, as it moves from city to city across Cyprus with Lidl Food Academy on the Go.

Lidl Cyprus will continue to prove its support towards the Cypriot economy, with new investments and multifaceted actions of social and environmental responsibility, always remaining faithful to its mission for a better tomorrow! 

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