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23 July, 2024

Lidl Cyprus has a strong presence at domestic award institutions

Lidl Cyprus received a total of sixteen awards in a wide range of business activity and innovation; notably at the impressive Cyprus HR Awards award ceremony, the Cyprus Responsible Business Awards and Cyprus Retail Excellence Awards as well as at the Cyprus BITE Excellence Awards.

In a spectacular celebration of technology at the Cyprus BITE Excellence Awards, in the presence of the IT market and representatives of the academic community, Lidl Cyprus was distinguished with:

GOLD prize for the Free online fitness classes during the Pandemic and lockdowns, for all Lidl Cyprus employees.

SILVER award for the Mobile application - We are Lidl - created for the employees of Lidl Cyprus

SILVER award for the development programme for new managers ‘Empowering Leadership in a digital ERA’

The award at the Cyprus HR Awards 2021 is an important recognition of teamwork and commitment to providing outstanding services. At the same time, it lends a strategic note of optimism at a time when boosting team morale is more critical than ever. The awards were organised for the 3rd time and in this event Lidl Cyprus was distinguished with eight awards:

Gold award in the category ‘Excellence in Leadership Development’ for the Leadership Culture Development Programme ‘Empowering Leadership’ which aims to provide all the necessary supplies for young managers to take on their new role.

Gold two awards in the categories ‘Best Team Building Programme’ and ‘Best Employee Engagement Strategy’ for Lidlwood, a programme that showcases the authentic Lidl Cyprus and gives its people the opportunity to take part in internal and external communication campaigns.

Gold two awards in the categories ‘Best Change Management Strategy/Initiative’ and ‘Most Effective Recruitment Strategy’ for the use of the Employer Value Proposition as a strategic tool for attracting candidates and strengthening the internal engagement of its people 

Silver award in the category ‘Best Talent Management Strategy & Initiative’ for the programme ‘Building a Self-Development culture’ in the aim of activating employees towards their personal growth and development.

Bronze award in the category ‘Most Effective Recruitment Strategy’ for the communication campaign ‘Top Employer 2021’ which presented, through a series of episodes, the authentic Lidl Cyprus and its people.

Bronze award in the category ‘Best Workplace Diversity Strategy’ for the Diversity Campaign that communicates its commitment to equal treatment regardless of gender, family support as well as cultural diversity.

Yiannis Epaminondas, Human Resources Director said: “Our awards today are another proof of what we offer to our people. We put people at the centre of our work, at of every stage of our work, from attracting new members and recruiting to their engagement, training and development, thus preparing the leaders of tomorrow. We believe in the concept of ‘togetherness’ and teamwork and invest in a friendly, inclusive and equal working environment, with each and every one of our people being at the centre of our actions. And we will do so both today and in the future so as to make sure that our people define who we are.

Many thanks to all the HR team who work on a daily basis to ensure our frontline people have the support they need to be and feel well.”

Finally, at the Cyprus Responsible Business Awards 2021, the awards which were of particular importance Lidl Cyprus, seeing as the goal of responsible businesses like Lidl Cyprus is to know and act responsibly for the good of society and the environment in which they operate included five prizes:

GOLD for the innovative MindREset programme in collaboration with the JA Cyprus organisation.

SILVER award for Lidl Cyprus’ cooperation with the Cyprus Red Cross  and its love packages as well as its annual cooperation to support Cypriot society as a whole.

SILVER award for the collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the ‘Food Academy for Children’ Programme.

SILVER award for Lidl Cyprus’ consistency in matters of Diversity, Inclusion, as well as Equal Opportunities.

BRONZE award for the assistance and support towards the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Association, beyond monetary donations, by creating the Evening of Love on television to support the Anti-Cancer Association

Spyros Kondylis, General Manager of Lidl Cyprus, said: "We support, in practice, the institutions that reward the best practices in the Cypriot market. Another proof of what we as Lidl offer to the society of Cyprus. It may be our job to take care of our customers, yet our responsibility and obligation is also to take care of the whole society. A society that we have been an active part of for twelve years now. For us, these awards are an additional strength to continue working with our vision of a better tomorrow for the next generations, on a daily basis."

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