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Mall of Cyprus explains parking fee decision

General Manager details reasons behind decision to charge for extended parking

Maria Eracleous

Maria Eracleous

In an interview with "K", the General Manager of Mall Cyprus, Kypros Hadjistyllis, explained the rationale behind the decision to implement parking charges after a two-hour period.

Hadjistyllis emphasized that the primary goal is to optimize the utilization of available parking spaces. The mall has noted instances where parking spots have been occupied by individuals not visiting the mall. Specifically, he pointed out that some drivers unlawfully use the parking lot for purposes such as visiting the nearby hospital or adjacent businesses, or even leaving their vehicles while they travel to other areas by alternative means.

Furthermore, he mentioned that their findings from conducted studies revealed that the majority of visitors spend around an hour at the mall. Hence, he reasoned that this new policy would primarily impact a minority of visitors.

For those whose mall visits extend beyond the two-hour mark, Hadjistyllis highlighted that the incurred cost remains reasonable. Additionally, he noted that parking fees are a customary practice in malls internationally.

Ultimately, he underscored that the effectiveness of this measure will be continually assessed and adjusted based on ongoing data analysis.

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