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14 June, 2024

T/C workers seek improved transit conditions at crossings

Call for action to address concerns over crossing point issues

Newsroom / CNA

The Turkish Cypriot Workers' Association has emphasized pressing concerns regarding crossing points, particularly in Agios Dometios and Pergamos, located in areas under the control of the Republic of Cyprus. Through a social media post, the association has urged for proactive measures to address these issues.

In a statement, Dialog Group brought attention to the post's content, which outlined the detrimental impact of these problems on workers in the government-controlled areas, patients accessing healthcare services, citizens, and tourists.

The appeal underscores the need for both the Republic of Cyprus authorities and those in the occupied territories to collaboratively devise practical solutions in response to the escalating complaints caused by these issues. Workers expressed surprise and disappointment over the lack of action on both sides.

Despite submitting a formal request to the Turkish Cypriot leader, the association noted that no tangible steps have been taken thus far to enhance conditions at the crossing points. It reiterated its call for the President to take immediate action and implored for a swift resolution to these problems.

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