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Christodoulides' exhaustive diplomatic pursuits for resolving the Cyprus issue

Government's targeted contacts and national security efforts aim to break deadlock

Newsroom / CNA

President Nikos Christodoulides has highlighted the government's efforts in pursuing negotiations on the Cyprus issue and implementing a diplomatic initiative during the first 100 days of governance.

In a press conference today, he emphasized that breaking the deadlock in Cyprus and resuming substantive negotiations under the auspices of the UN are the top priorities. The government has undertaken targeted and significant contacts with European and third-country leaders to garner support and mobilize the international community.  The aim is to involve the EU more actively in Cyprus, strengthen the UN Secretary-General's efforts, and achieve progress on EU-Turkey issues.

The President also highlighted the enhancement of Cyprus' outward orientation and presence in international forums and decision-making centers. The Minister of Foreign Affairs has conducted numerous bilateral visits and contacts, while trilateral meetings with Greece and Israel have taken place. The establishment of the National Security Council, aimed at addressing national security matters, is a significant step in strengthening the country's defense and security.

The President reaffirmed the priorities of resolving the Cyprus issue, pursuing a multidimensional foreign policy, and enhancing the country's deterrent power. Despite the ongoing division of Cyprus since 1974, the government remains committed to finding a resolution through diplomatic channels, building international partnerships, and strengthening national security.

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