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President Christodoulides unveils government's 100-Day report card

Addressing criticism, Cyprus's future prospects, and key initiatives in a press conference

Shemaine Bushnell Kyriakides

During a press conference held today, President Christodoulides provided insights into the state of the government after his first 100 days in office and responded to various questions from journalists. The President emphasized his resilience towards criticism and his willingness to take responsibility when necessary, stating, "I am not bothered by criticism at all. If I have to say mea culpa, I will."

Regarding the topic of potential sanctions, President Christodoulides clarified that he currently has no information regarding new sanctions. He also shed light on the ongoing renovations at the Presidential Palace, explaining that they are part of an energy upgrade project.

The President firmly asserted that the demand for recognition of sovereign equality by the Turkish Cypriot side will not be accepted. Addressing concerns about divestments, fuel subsidies, and electricity, President Christodoulides stated that the bill on divestments is in its final stage and will soon be submitted to Parliament. Regarding subsidies, he expressed support for targeted measures and fiscal discipline, suggesting the possibility of alternative approaches.

President Christodoulides addressed criticism regarding appointments, emphasizing that his government's proposal on appointments represents a significant departure from past practices. He also highlighted efforts to improve relations between the two communities, mentioning a meeting with a group of Turkish Cypriots and expressing hope for announcements by September.

The President acknowledged the work done prior to his presidency and emphasized the need for efficient implementation of decisions to tackle corruption. He stated, "There are many decisions to tackle corruption, but we are lagging behind in implementation. That is why we are moving forward with the Government Project Monitoring Group."

Looking ahead, President Christodoulides mentioned plans to increase revenues while maintaining fiscal discipline. He also announced that the first evaluation of ministers will take place in September.

Regarding the Cyprus problem, the President highlighted the mobilization achieved in the first 100 days, including efforts for increased EU involvement. He expressed readiness to discuss a positive agenda and resume negotiations based on the progress made in Crans-Montana.

In response to a question about the balance in parliament, President Christodoulides stated that the Parliament respects the choices of the Cypriot people and aims to collaborate with all parties to address challenges and create a vision for the future.

The press conference provided valuable insights into the government's achievements and plans, demonstrating the President's commitment to transparency and accountability.

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