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ETEK President urges modern methods to detect illegalities in Akamas

Constantinos Constanti emphasizes the need for advanced detection techniques and collaboration in addressing unauthorized constructions

The President of the National Technical Chamber (ETEK), Constantinos Constanti, emphasized the need to institutionalize more modern methods of detecting illegal activities and enforcing law and order. His statement came in response to a revealing article published in the Sunday Kathimerini newspaper, which exposed the demolition of stone buildings in Akamas, Cyprus. The structures, revealed through photographic evidence, were not traditional livestock buildings but instead appeared to be holiday homes.

Mr. Constanti expressed his concern, stating, "It is not an honor for anyone to expect journalists to identify illegalities and then be informed that a legal procedure has been initiated with no immediate results."

Highlighting the importance of collaboration, he called upon local authorities to join forces in addressing the interventions taking place in Akamas. "The Akama area can be easily inspected on a weekly basis. Competent authorities should be responsible for this task, and there should be no excuse for understaffing. Furthermore, electronic surveillance methods are available for effective supervision," he added.

The president's remarks shed light on the need for more efficient and technologically advanced measures to detect and address illegal activities in Akamas. By implementing modern detection methods and strengthening cooperation among relevant authorities, it is hoped that the preservation and enforcement of law and order in the area will be significantly improved.

[Source: Diaspora News, Interview with Constantinos Constanti, President of ETEK]

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