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No fee increases for 2024 at Larnaca marina

Larnaca Marina keeps costs steady as it announces zero increases in berthing fees for next year


Kition Ocean Holdings announced on Thursday that there will be no increases in berthing fees for recreational boat owners at Larnaca Marina in 2024. The decision comes after extensive internal discussions for the 2023-2024 period and demonstrates the company's commitment to maintaining positive relationships with boat owners.

Additionally, the company revealed its plan to cover the costs exceeding 100,000 euros for the purchase and installation of a small pier, which will be placed alongside the existing wooden pier. This new addition aims to facilitate uninterrupted mini-cruises and serve tourists over the next three years, during which construction work will take place at Larnaca Marina.

Panos Alexandrou, founder of Kition, explained that these efforts reflect the goodwill and desire of investors in Larnaca Marina to collaborate with boat professionals and minimize the potential impacts of the project's development. The historic pier is also set to undergo improvements to become an attraction for visitors and residents of Larnaca.

Furthermore, the pier will be made more attractive, providing the public with opportunities to stroll along it, enjoy music and food, and safely observe the progress of the marina's construction.

The company expects the pier renovation to be completed by early 2024, enabling the laying of the foundation stone in April and subsequent major works both within the marina and along Dekeleia Road. Kition has also formed partnerships with renowned firms to develop and adapt the marina to modern standards.

In a statement, Kition Ocean Holdings assured that all actions are geared towards collaborating with stakeholders and partners to upgrade nautical tourism and attract tourists and locals who can enjoy Larnaca Marina during the construction process.

Regarding parking and security concerns, the statement mentions a comprehensive inspection of the marina to ensure the unimpeded operation of activities within and outside the marina by boat owners and visitors.

[Information sourced from CNA]

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