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Protests planned following fee increases at Larnaca Marina

The Boat Owners Association is complaining about rising boat mooring fees and plans to demonstrate on March 5

According to the Cyprus Boat Owners Association, a protest event will be held on Sunday in response to the increases in boat mooring fees spearheaded by Kition Ocean Marina with the encouragement of the Ministry of Transport. The Cyprus Boat Owners Association stated in a letter dated February 24 to the Ministry of Transport that Kition Ocean Marina has imposed a 15% increase on berthing fees on owners, with the promise of immediately proceeding with marina upgrades. It also states that the work done so far by the company does not involve upgrading, but rather partial and absolutely necessary maintenance in the marina's marine area.

The letter emphasizes that any decision to approve the increases in berthing fees is unfavorable to boat owners and completely unjustified given the conditions at the marina.

They request that the Ministry of Transport send the company a copy of any Ministry decision on which they have approved or not approved the increase in the berthing fees of Larnaca Marina, as well as a copy of the terms of the concession agreement for the management of Larnaca Marina. They also want to know about the procedures for the Ministry to control the legality of the Company's decisions, actions, and/or omissions, as well as the ways in which the rights of Larnaca Marina boat owners are protected.

The protest is scheduled for Sunday, March 5, 2023, between 10.30 a.m. and 1.00 p.m. in the Larnaca Marina area (gathering at the land entrances and larger marine area of Larnaca Marina - Athens/Finikoudes avenues).

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