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Ayia Napa Marina opens its doors to four-legged visitors

Pet guardians must be sure to clean up after their pets while on the premises of the Marina

Source: Press release

The management of Ayia Napa Marina, in the context of serving its visitors and customers and respecting animals, informs that it applies the relevant regulations and best practices regarding the entry of animals into the Marina's premises. Therefore, the following applies to the Marina's premises and facilities:

Only pets (dogs and cats) are allowed within the public areas of the public zone and the commercial zone. In the commercial areas (indoor and outdoor, as the case may be) there may be prohibitions or restrictions depending on the regulations of each business operating there.

Any pet animal entering the Permitted Premises is required to be accompanied by its owner or by a person bearing written authority from the owner. It must also be under constant supervision, on a leash if it weighs more than six kilograms and muzzled if, in the reasonable opinion of its owner, it has aggressive tendencies. It must also comply with all the requirements of the applicable health precautions for diseases and infections which may be spread as a result of its movement within the marina. Pets are not allowed on the western beach of the Marina. It is clarified that pets over 6kg are not allowed in the commercial shops/restaurants on the Marina waterfront.

Excluded from the above are assistance dogs accompanying disabled persons within the Marina premises.

Any person accompanying a companion animal within the Marina premises shall be solely responsible for cleaning the premises by picking up and disposing of any animal waste in baskets. They must also carry and be able to produce, whenever requested by the entry control authorities, health and/or veterinary authorities located within the Marina premises, all necessary supporting and/or health documents relating to the pet animal, including passport and health booklet. In accordance with the law in force, the owner and companion of the animal are solely responsible in case of injury or death of any visitor or other pet animal possible caused by his/her own within the Marina premises and in case of damage to the property of any visitor of the Marina.  M.M. Makronisos Marina Limited emphasizes that it accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage, injury, or death that may be caused by the entry and movement of a pet animal within the Marina premises.

Marina staff remain at your disposal at all times to answer any questions you may have or provide guidance. In this case, please do not hesitate to contact the guards or the Control Room directly at (+357) 23 300 500. You can send any questions, comments, or feedback from your experience to

Situated between the beaches of Agia Thekla and Makronissos, Agia Napa Marina includes the construction of 220 spacious, luxury apartments in two impressive towers, 35 luxury villas, a marina with docking and full-service capacity for 600 vessels, a shipyard, and a number of selected shops and restaurants that will offer high-quality services and amenities to residents and guests of the Marina.

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