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Marina Association 'surprised' by statement on Paphos marina

After the Cabinet meeting, the deputy minister of tourism declared that the Paphos Marina project is on schedule to be implemented.

The development of Paphos Marina is moving forward, thanks to a Cabinet decision. This has been an issue for decades, and when the Deputy Minister of Tourism took office, he re-launched an effort to promote the project by preparing a feasibility study for its construction.

"This incredibly regrettable and unethical response from two Deputy Ministers calls into question their objectivity and credibility and demonstrates that the State is operating at will...

According to S. Perdio's statements today, the development, which is a combination of residential and commercial areas, is being accelerated as a result of an expert study. In addition to having a pier for luxury cruise ships of up to 220 meters (smaller cruise ships), the project will be a commercial and tourism development that will also house a hotel. "This is very important because it also aligns with the Deputy Ministry's objectives of attracting higher-income tourism to Cyprus," the Deputy Minister said. He stated that after consulting with Paphos stakeholders, the Planning Council has tentatively decided to take a positive stance, while the investor will carry out the necessary environmental studies and masterplan for the project.

He stated that the final proposal on what will be included in the marina is up to the investor, with final indications on who will ultimately be the project's investor expected in 2024. "What is important for us as a state, and especially for the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, is that more weight will definitely be given to combined development in the scoring criteria, which will generate more revenue for the local economy, but also for various villages in the Paphos and Polis Chrysochous areas," he added.

The Marina Association's reaction

The newly formed Association of Marinas responded to S. Perdiou's statement, expressing surprise at the timing of the attempt to resolve a long-standing issue. It requested that the Deputy Minister inform the Association as soon as possible about the MoS's proposal so that plans could be made to address the fundamental issues with the construction and operation of marinas. It also claims that despite repeated written requests, neither the Deputy Ministry of Tourism nor the Deputy Ministry of Shipping has ever addressed the significant issues with the operation of existing marinas.

The statement from the Association of Marinas

"We are referring to the long-pending proposal to build a marina in Paphos. We were surprised to learn from the media that the Deputy Ministry of Tourism will present a proposal to the Council of Ministers on February 8, 2023, right in the middle of the election process for a new government, asking them to approve the construction of the Paphos Marina. We at the Association of Marinas support the development of the Paphos Marina wholeheartedly because only with a wide range of options along the entire coastline of Free Cyprus will yachts from abroad find Cyprus to be a desirable sailing location.

"The peculiar but obvious aspect of the situation is that, just days before a change in government, they are "running" to resolve a long-standing problem, while the deputy ministries of tourism and shipping, which are in charge of the development and management of marinas in Cyprus, have never addressed the core issues relating to the operation of the existing marinas despite our repeated written requests. We are especially saddened by the fact that they officially responded to our Association a few weeks ago with a letter regarding the ongoing requests and issues, signed by two Deputy Ministers, specifically stating that our demands needed a 'comprehensive and all-encompassing approach' and since the term of the current government was ending, we needed to re-submit our plans to the new government.

"This incredibly regrettable and unethical response officially from two Deputy Ministers (using the new catchphrase "holistic approach") calls into question the objectivity and credibility of the two Deputy Ministers and demonstrates that, regrettably, the State is operating at will with clear objectives that do not ensure the public interest until the end of the Government's term of office.

"The Association of Marinas requests that the Deputy Minister inform the Association of Marinas of the proposal to the MoS as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made to address the fundamental issues with the development and operation of Marinas." 

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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