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13 June, 2024

Lidl Cyprus is constantly reducing its energy footprint and contributes to the protection of the environment on a daily basis

This year, the company was also certified with the ISO 50001 for its energy management system and for the first time it attained green certificates for 100% of the energy supplied by EAC.

The globally recognised ISO 50001 certification provided by the independent International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) was given to Lidl Cyprus by technical experts from the company DEKRA, for the successful introduction of an efficient energy management system. With it, a total of 20 stores, 1 warehouse and 1 administration building were certified. Internationally, Lidl already meets this international standard in 29 countries.

The maintenance of an energy management system and the gradual certification of Lidl’s subsidiary companies has the advantage of saving costs and protecting the environment in the long term. The objective of ISO 50001 is the continuous improvement of the company's energy efficiency through measures, infrastructures and processes aimed at increasing energy efficiency and optimising energy use.

Examples of specific measures implemented by Lidl are the use of LED lighting, intelligent heating and air conditioning technology through a BMS system, training of employees in conscious energy consumption, installation of photovoltaic systems, installation of electric vehicle charging stations, use of natural refrigerants in refrigeration facilities of stores and warehouses, telemetry of energy consumption, etc.

Through the energy management procedures implemented in Lidl Cyprus, transparency of all of the company’s energy flows is created and makes it possible to reveal cost saving possibilities within the stores, warehouses and administration buildings. This leads to an increase in energy efficiency and, by extension, profitability.

Since 2013, all of Lidl's subsidiary companies have successively received ISO 50001 certification. In total, 11,676 stores, 183 warehouses and 25 administration buildings have been certified according to ISO 50001 standards.

At the same time, the company is strengthening its financing of green investments. Thus, for the first year, Lidl Cyprus secures guarantees of origin (Green Certificates) for 100% of the energy supplied by the EAC.

Green Certificates demonstrate the company's commitment to reducing its energy footprint and minimising its CO2 emissions. Through EAC's energy services for businesses, it is ensured that, for the electricity consumed, an equal amount of "green" energy has been produced through the use of Renewable Energy Sources.

Specifically, in the time period between 01.01.2022 to 31.12.2022, 16,000 Guarantees of Origin were revoked on behalf of Lidl Cyprus, for an equal amount of electricity produced by the RES and Energy Conservation Fund and correspond to 100% of the energy provided by the EAC in the corresponding time period. 

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