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Primetel assures unchanged services amidst administration

Manager confirms Omonia Nicosia and AEK Athens rights and continuity of operations despite investor changes

Maria Eracleous

Maria Eracleous

Primetel continues to own the rights to Omonia Nicosia and AEK Athens, as before, Primetel manager Marios Kallias clarified while speaking to K. As he said, nothing changes, not only for TV rights but for all issues and all services that the company provides.

He explained that the company's staff will remain in place, the services offered by the company remain as they are, and its contracts are not affected by the fact that it is in administration. This is an issue between the shareholders and the investors, who had some differences between them which brought about changes in the control status of the company, he noted. The fact that the company went into administration has nothing to do with bank debts and has nothing to do with the company's activities, the Administrator said.

He pointed out that now the control of the company is in the hands of the Administrator, and at the same time, the support from the investors -Signal Capital Equity fund- is given. What is changing is the level of investor involvement, which is now increasing, Kallias said, while stressing that there is absolute investor support for the company.


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