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The act of a balanced work life and its yin yang: ECOMMBX

By Michael C. G. Charalambides CEO/MD

Life is a delicate yin yang, or merely one more reason to celebrate each day we all share on this planet we call home! 

Technology and financial services industries are a human construct and have nothing to do with the rules of nature. Nonetheless, humans should never forget their origins and grasp every opportunity we can to cling onto the real essence of life!

Taking the above into consideration, ECOMMBX considers its colleagues as the only real natural assets and marvels of nature. Marvels worth celebrating every second well earned on this realm we call life. The objective of the company is to contribute back to its business family, colleagues, partners, associates, clients, and society as much as possible out of its successful business impact. The passion that drives our daily attitude at the office is what burns through walls and breaks down barriers, thrusting our company and its people towards the top of the industrial pyramid.

During the past year we have seen our services grow beyond the Mediterranean Sea, charting the conquest of our journey towards central Europe and now towards the Atlantic. Our partnerships have now been engaged with globally renowned banking institutions, other payments providers, payments schemes and fintech verticals. Moreover, we are undergoing a 101% digital transformation in less than 10 months, setting the anticipation of our stakeholders to a whole new interstellar dimension…and all these innovation, improvements and contributions to our people, society and industry, have taken place during one of the most turbulent times known to our recent history and generation.

None of the above could be squared without those two little ingredients: passion and attitude. Passion for life, and positive plus giving attitude towards what we proudly stand for! The story ends not here! As of the 1st of April, ECOMMBX has issued a new circular to its operations schedule for its colleagues, giving room for further personal enhancement and respect to social and family life. The operations for all the company colleagues (not the whole company operations) will be a 4-day working schedule adding an extra day out of the office, rolling from the weekend onto a Monday or a Friday. This is on a rotation basis both with functional departmental groups and colleagues alike. The objective is to allow our people to add an extra day off to their weekend where they can celebrate what they love doing the most: exploring the world, going to the gym, dancing, studying philosophy, or simply gazing up at the sky dreaming of a better future via ECOMMBX!

* ECOMMBX would like to inform the market and its partners, that the office will be fully operational on a 5 working day basis (Mon-Fri; and weekend shifts) without any disruption to business as usual…on the contrary our people will be more energized to focus better on serving you!

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