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24 March, 2023

Wargaming ceases operations in Russia and Belarus

The tech company, which holds a major share in Hellenic Bank, is reviewing its business activities worldwide

Wargaming has decided that it will not maintain or operate any business in Russia or Belarus.

In recent weeks, Wargaming has been conducting a strategic review of its business worldwide. The company has decided that it will not maintain or operate companies in Russia and Belarus and that it will leave both countries.

As of March 31, the company transferred its gaming activities in Russia and Belarus to the local management of Lesta Studio, which is no longer affiliated with Wargaming. The company will not benefit from this process, neither today nor in the future. "On the contrary, we expect to suffer significant losses as a direct consequence of this decision," the announcement stated.

According to the announcement released, "As a company, we will complete the operational transition with full due diligence, remaining in full compliance with all laws and ensuring the continued safety and support of our employees. During the transition period, Wargaming products will remain available in Russia and Belarus while being operated by the new owner".

Wargaming has also begun the process of closing its studio in Minsk, Belarus.

"We will provide as much compensation and support as possible to our employees affected by this change. Despite the magnitude of this decision, as a company, we are confident about the future of our business and we are committed to providing quality games to our players," the announcement concluded.


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