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61. Anastasiades, Akinci speak, agree to get together

62. Tsipras, Erdogan stick to positions after Ankara talks

63. Tsipras visits Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

64. Tsipras says Greece does not welcome coupists, but respects judicial rulings

Greece does not welcome coupists but the case of eight soldiers who fled to the country after a failed 2016 coup attempt against Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan is a matter of the judiciary, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Tuesday....

65. Turkey offers reward for return of eight servicemen from Greece

66. This is not the time to stir the Greece-Turkey pot

67. Ankara raises issue of eight officers again

A few days before Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras visits Turkey, the country’s National Security Council said in a statement on Thursday that Ankara will continue to pursue people it accuses of taking part in the failed coup attempt in 2016 – including the eight servicemen Greece has refused to extradite....

68. Anastasiades congratulates Tsipras on ratification of Prespes agreement

69. France backs Cyprus’ search for gas amid Turkey opposition

70. President Anastasiades holds talks with Greek PM

71. Erdogan’s mosques in the Balkans

72. Trump threatens Turkey with economic devastation if it attacks Kurds

73. Erdogan refuses to meet with Bolton

74. US foreign policy standing on quicksand

75. How Trump's phone call to Erdogan changed the Syrian war

76. Pentagon warns against Turkish military action in Syria

77. The deepening US-Greece strategic relationship

78. An increasing French presence in the East Med

79. Russia's Gazprom says offshore part of TurkStream is complete

80. Greece in the new East Med regional security scheme

81. US must reassess Turkey policy, analyst says

The US should reassess its Turkey policy as the two NATO allies no longer share common interests and values, according to a report published by the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) think tank....

82. Flight from new Istanbul Airport lands at Ercan

A plane that took off at the recently inaugurated Istanbul Airport landed in the northern part of Cyprus, as Turkey sets aim at having the busiest hub in the region when it becomes fully operational...

83. Erdogan says journalist murder planned in Saudi Arabia

84. Cyprus issue: not about virgin birth

I get the feeling that, after so many years of dialogue with the other side, we never actually had a conversation with ourselves...

85. With Israel in Washington

86. Erdogan and Anastasiades shake hands in New York

87. More Turkish Cypriots seek higher wages in the south

Reports in the northern part of the island show the devaluation of the Turkish lira and higher wages in the south are driving more Turkish Cypriots to seek employment in the Republic of Cyprus...

88. Turkish and Russian troops to patrol Idlib demilitarized zone

89. Turkish Lira rallies as central bank raises interest rates to 24%