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Turkish Cypriot leader criticizes UN envoy's approach

Ersin Tatar highlights hurdles in negotiations amid disagreements

Newsroom / CNA

Ersin Tatar criticized UN envoy Holguin's push for negotiations without common ground, citing her proposal for "Initiative 3A" (direct flights, direct trade, direct contacts) through the UN Secretary General's Personal Envoy. "If such an initiative were possible, we could engage in dialogue," he remarked.

Reflecting on his meeting with Holguin, Tatar stressed the potential for common ground with the affirmation of the sovereign equality and equal international status of the Turkish Cypriots, a key aspect of their new "national policy." He reiterated his stance against participating in talks where Greek Cypriots are represented as a "Republic" and Turkish Cypriots as a "community."

Responding to Holguin's outreach to various groups, Tatar criticized her approach of canvassing public opinion "going door to door," emphasizing that such actions challenge the established order and fail to recognize elected leadership. He dismissed the notion of a quick fix to the Cyprus problem, highlighting its complex nature.

Regarding Holguin's surprise at the rejection of a trilateral meeting proposal, Tatar underscored the absence of common ground as a barrier to meaningful dialogue. He clarified Holguin's role as a Personal Envoy tasked with exploring common ground, emphasizing the disparity in concepts between the two sides.

Tatar referenced President Erdogan's recent remarks on Cyprus, highlighting the existence of separate peoples and states on the island. He stressed the Turkish Cypriots' right to self-government and their readiness to negotiate as equals.

Reflecting on his meeting with Holguin, Tatar reiterated the lack of common ground and emphasized the importance of a balanced and fair approach to the negotiation process. He also discussed a recent meeting with a parliamentary delegation from Azerbaijan, interpreting it as a diplomatic recognition and expressing hope for direct flights from Azerbaijan to the occupied territories.

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