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26 September, 2023

Building and agricultural land for sale by AstroBank

AstroBank is selling building and agricultural land in Nicosia, Larnaca, Famagusta, and Paphos.

The Bank's listings include houses and apartments, office space, land, and commercial buildings. The available properties are located in urban and rural areas, providing prospective buyers with a wide range of choice to find the one that best meets their needs.

All listings are posted on the Bank’s website where people can browse by location, type, or price. Buyers can simply fill a contact form requesting more information about the property they are interested in. Below are some of the properties for sale:

Agricultural field 12,041m2 Agios Theodoros, Larnaca Property Code: PIR625 Indicative price €190.050

The property is located 700m north of the seacoast and 5km southeast of the traditional center of the community. It has an irregular shape and even surface. It is landlocked and approximately 50m north of an agricultural road.

Residential field 1,840m2 Stroumbi, Paphos Property Code: PIR516 Indicative price €115.500

The property is located approximately 120m northeast of the Paphos – Polis Chrysochous road. It is almost triangular in shape and has a flat surface and a façade of 55m that borders a registered road. Subject to VAT

Residential field 1,058m2 Paralimni, Famagusta Property Code: PIR524 Indicative price €89.250

The plot is located approximately 160m north of Protaras Avenue close to the town hall. It has a rectangular shape and a smooth surface. The plot has access via right of way. Subject to VAT

1/2 Share residential field 30,238m2 Souni - Zanakia, Limassol Property Code: PIR463 Indicative price €571.200

The property is located on Ayios Stylianos Street with a facade of approximately 46m. There is no distribution agreement in place. It is rectangular with an even surface. Subject to VAT.

Agricultural field 2,676m2 Peristerona, Nicosia Property Code: PIR454 Indicative price €20.000

The property is approximately 500m south of the Nicosia – Troodos road. It has an irregular narrow shape with an even surface. There is no registered access.

Residential field 2,705m2 Paliometocho, Nicosia Property Code: PIR465 Indicative price €161.700

The property is located approximately 30m north of Grigori Afxentiou Avenue. It has a square shape and an even surface but no access to a registered road. Subject to VAT.

Agricultural field 11,706m2 Alethrico, Larnaca Property Code: PIR106 Indicative price €147.000

The asset is located approximately 2,400 meters southeast from the centre of the community of Alethrico. It has a smooth and flat surface with a facade of 53m.

Residential Field 5,426m2 Skoulli, Paphos Property Code: PIR129 Indicative price €154.350

The field is located south of Skoulli community within Paphos District. It borders a registered tarmacked road along its north-eastern boundary with a facade of approximately 110m and along its southern boundary onto a registered partly constructed road with a frontage of approximately 70m. It has an irregular shape towards the north-east. Subject to VAT.

Interested parties can find more detailed information and submit their bids on the AstroBank website

Contact number: 22575873

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