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Cyprus hotels secure 2nd spot in European tourist satisfaction

Discover the best-kept secrets of Cypriot Hotels and why May Beckons as the Ideal Time to Experience Luxury


In a report in Kathimerini's Oikonomiki newspaper today by Maria Eracleous, Cypriot hotels experience the highest levels of guest satisfaction during the peak summer months of April to June, with an overall satisfaction index averaging 85% from January to November.

Cyprus, according to the article, holds the 2nd position among six major tourist markets, trailing only behind Greece with an 87% satisfaction rate. This data is derived from INSETE Intelligence, reflecting both the General Satisfaction Index and individual hotel customer satisfaction indicators. The indicators, based on customer comments across various platforms, indicate positive experiences when exceeding 80%.

May emerges as the standout month for overall satisfaction, reaching 87%, outperforming other months and even surpassing the rates in Greece. Conversely, August, characterized by peak occupancy, witnesses a decline in customer satisfaction, hitting the lowest point at 83% for Cyprus. Notably, despite the positive performance, there is a slight downturn compared to 2022 figures, with an average satisfaction rate for the year at 86%.

Regarding value for money, Cyprus secures the 2nd spot with an 86% rating, tied with Greece. Turkey takes the lead with 87%, while Spain and Italy score 82%, and France lags at 78%. Although there's a minor dip in the quality-price ratio from 2022 (87%), Cyprus maintains competitive scores in service, cleanliness, and the food and drink category.

In specific categories, Cypriot hotels shine in cleanliness, securing the top position alongside Italy with a remarkable 93% rating. They also lead in the food and drink category, obtaining a first-place score of 86%. Additionally, Cyprus ranks 2nd in the room category (86%) and 3rd in service (88%). These findings suggest Cyprus as a value-for-money destination, even with minor fluctuations compared to the previous year's performance.

[Read the full article in Greek in Wednesday's Oikonomiki printed edition]

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