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13 June, 2024

Ellinikon, Europe's largest smart city, begins its transformation

Transforming an abandoned airport into a futuristic urban haven along the Athens Riviera


Greece is embarking on a groundbreaking initiative to repurpose an old, disused airport into Ellinikon, what will become Europe's largest smart city. The former Ellinikon Airport, shuttered since 2001, will undergo a dramatic transformation into a futuristic urban hub, slated for completion by 2037. Spanning over 6,200 acres and situated along the Athens Riviera, Ellinikon aims to enhance Athens' green spaces by 44 percent.

Led by Lamda Development, which secured the project tender in 2014, Ellinikon is envisioned as a model city focused on sustainable energy, expansive open areas, and ecological zones. Among its standout features, Ellinikon will include a lavish Mandarin Oriental hotel and an integrated casino resort. The city will also feature two shopping complexes, Europe's largest coastal park, seaside residential complexes, and a sports center equipped with swimming pools, soccer fields, and tennis courts. Notably, the Marina Tower, Greece's inaugural skyscraper, is expected to reach its pinnacle height of 330 feet by the close of 2024.

Lamda Development anticipates the construction of 10,000 residences upon the project's completion, with sales already underway. With 140 units already sold, primarily to Greek nationals, out of the 243 currently available, Ellinikon is shaping up to offer a comprehensive living experience. Residents will enjoy convenient access to schools, parks, beaches, retail outlets, and offices, all within a 15-minute walking radius. Furthermore, a metro line will link the former Ellinikon Airport site to central Athens, ensuring seamless connectivity.

Ellinikon's infrastructure will incorporate sophisticated smart technology to manage waste, water, and energy services efficiently throughout the city. The ambitious project is projected to significantly boost Greece's GDP by 2.5 percent, generate approximately 80,000 new employment opportunities, and yield tax revenue exceeding EUR 10 billion. Additionally, the development is poised to become a major tourism draw, welcoming an estimated one million additional visitors annually upon its completion.


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