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Exciting new dining hub emerges at Limassol's Trilogy

The handover of the iconic towers marks the arrival of a vibrant dining hub, featuring renowned chef Athenagoras Kostakos and ''The Clumsies'' collaboration


A new landmark is emerging on the Limassol seafront, promising to redefine the cityscape and create a vibrant community hub. The handover of the two iconic front towers at Trilogy is now underway, marking a significant milestone as office and apartment owners begin to take possession of their properties. Alongside this development, the completion of the 6,850 square-meter public square is also imminent, set to welcome visitors and residents alike this summer.

At the heart of Trilogy will be its public square, envisioned as a dynamic gathering space unlike any other in Cyprus. Combining the energy of a European city with the laid-back charm of Mediterranean seaside living, the square will host a variety of dining experiences. From authentic Greek cuisine in the West Tower to an urban food court showcasing artisanal creations, and a premier restaurant and bar in the East Tower, Trilogy Square aims to become the go-to destination for food enthusiasts and travelers from across the island and beyond.

Michalis Hadjipanayotou, Executive Director of Trilogy, expressed his excitement about the project's culinary vision, emphasizing the importance of partnering with talented individuals who embody the project's ethos. With Chef Athenagoras Kostakos leading the culinary team and collaborating with "The Clumsies" of Athens to curate a unique cocktail menu, Trilogy aims to elevate Limassol's dining scene to new heights.

"This is the new perspective we wanted for Limassol," commented Mr. Hadjipanayotou, highlighting Trilogy's commitment to creating a vibrant live-work-play environment. Managed by Lanitis Entertainment Ltd, the West Tower restaurant and food court are set to open this summer, followed by the iconic East Tower restaurant and bar in September, along with shops and a salon.

For updates on the project, interested parties can visit or contact 25 362800 to arrange a private tour of available apartments.

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