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EY Cyprus' new office: Transforming work in a post-COVID world

EY Cyprus embraces a hybrid future with innovative office design


Source: Press release

The global pandemic has led to an era of exceptional change in the core model of work, prompting organizations to reassess traditional structures and embrace a hybrid approach. Ernst & Young (EY), a pioneer in this paradigm shift, recognizes the pivotal role of a dynamic work environment. EY Cyprus' new office stands as a testament to the organization's commitment to sustainability, well-being, collaboration, innovation, and flexibility, setting a benchmark for the future of work.

The pandemic has triggered a fundamental shift in how we approach work. EY has been proactive in responding to this change by implementing a hybrid model that allows employees to balance remote and in-office work effectively. The emphasis has shifted from a rigid 9-to-5 office-based model to a more flexible approach, where employees can harmonize their professional and personal commitments seamlessly.

While remote work gains prevalence, physical spaces continue to play a crucial role in the hybrid world. Employees are looking for more than just a place to clock in. They crave a sense of purpose when they step into the office. The idea of a hybrid working model has gained traction, allowing them the flexibility to choose when to work in the office. The traditional notion of being at the office merely to fill a seat no longer aligns with their preferences. The office has transformed into a hub for collaboration, innovation, and team building. Face-to-face interactions foster a sense of belonging, team cohesion, and corporate culture. Recognizing this, EY has invested in reimagining physical workspaces to cater to the evolving needs of its employees.

EY's response to the evolving work landscape goes beyond the implementation of a hybrid model. The firm has invested significantly in digital infrastructure to facilitate seamless collaboration and communication among its globally distributed workforce. Flexibility has become a cornerstone of their approach, allowing employees to balance their professional and personal lives effectively.
EY has identified key motivators for employees to utilize office spaces in a hybrid mode: socialization, collaborative problem-solving, ideation, and building social capital. In response, EY Cyprus' new office features innovative spaces such as ideation rooms, collaboration spaces, and creative office equipment addressing ergonomic concerns. The ground-floor Innovation Lab, designed as an open and dynamic space, fosters open communication and the exchange of innovative ideas.

Flexibility is embedded in the new office design. A reservation system allows employees to book office space for as little as two hours, catering to a younger generation that values flexibility. The absence of assigned desks and a clean desk policy contribute to a paper-lite environment, promoting a dynamic flow of people throughout the workspace. This adaptability aligns with the evolving nature of work in a post-COVID world.

A dedicated change management team has played a pivotal role in facilitating a smooth transition to the new office. Supported by unwavering leadership, this team ensures that employees embrace the innovative changes seamlessly. Video communication screens serve as a tool for internal communication, keeping employees informed and connected in this dynamic work environment.

The new EY Cyprus office prioritizes sustainability and well-being. Ergonomic furniture, natural light, standing desks, and greenery contribute to a healthy and comfortable workspace. Solar panels and a paper-lite environment align with EY's commitment to sustainability. Specific rooms, including a Wellbeing Room on the fourth floor, showcase dedication to employee health and happiness.
The building's concept mirrors urbanism, with each floor designed like the movement roads of a city. This dynamic environment encourages brainstorming, team building, and adaptability. The fifth floor, featuring a multimedia theatre and a multifunctional room, reinforces the commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration.

EY Cyprus' new office stands as a beacon of innovation in response to the evolving dynamics of work post-COVID. The organization's commitment to sustainability, well-being, collaboration, innovation, and flexibility sets a standard for the future of work. As the business world continues to evolve, EY's pioneering approach serves as an inspiration for organizations seeking to navigate the changing landscape and redefine the way we work.


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